The first 4DX with ScreenX concert movie 'TWICELAND'


The multi-sensory theater ‘4DX’ meets with the multi-projection system ‘ScreenX’ to more vividly display the concert of the girl group ‘Twice.’ On the 7th, CJ CGV releases ‘TWICELAND,’ the concert movie of Twice celebrating its 3rd anniversary of their debut, at the 4DX with ScreenX theater in CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall.

▲'TWICELAND' 4DX with ScreenX

|Presenting vivid and diverse scenes only available at a real live concert
‘TWICELAND’ vividly conveys the scenes from the live concert ‘TWICELAND ZONE2: FANTASY PARK’ which was Twice’s second tour and was held in May at Jamsil Arena as well as interviews with the group members. It also presents their international tours in Singapore, Bangkok and Jakarta as well as behind-the-scenes. This is a collaboration of JYP Entertainment and CGV ScreenX and the first alternative content released at the integrated theater. In addition to the visual enjoyment of ScreenX, the motion effects, as well as environmental effects of 4DX such as bubbles, snow, wind and fragrances, added even more pleasure.

‘TWICELAND’ 4DX with ScreenX gives off excitement from the start. The scent of grass and wind effects are added to the movement of the chair as if taking a rider to the concert hall, and the three-sided screens display Twice greeting the fans in a green garden. Then the movie vividly presents the exciting performances of Twice singing 17 songs including the hits ‘Like OOH-AHH,’ ‘CHEER UP,’ ‘TT,’ ‘KNOCK KNOCK,’ and ‘SIGNAL.’ The audience can also enjoy getting the first chance to hear the song ‘Be As ONE’ that is to be released on December 12 in the third album.

The synergy with ScreenX to maximize the effects of a concert movie gives a sense of realism and presence to the audience by showing the entire stage at the center and close-up images of the artists’ faces on the left and right. The actual concert was filmed with the ScreenX camera so that the audience can enjoy various angles of the concert displayed on the three sides. And the scene that shows the audience filled with Candy Bongs from the artists’ view is also displayed on the screens like a panorama.

The dance moves for each song are also implemented in the 4DX motion effect so that the audience can feel as if they are literally dancing along. The 4DX bubble effect used when Twice is making an appearance truly elevates the fantastic mood. The air shot effect comes on when the firecrackers are set off onstage, adding more vividness to the experience.

|Releasing the sing-along version to enjoy singing together

4DX with ScreenX also offers the sing-along version of the movie. The audience can sing along while shaking the Twice official light stick Candy Bong and feel as if they are actually enjoying the live concert.

“This will be a great synergy of the ScreenX and 4DX effects accumulated based on multiple alternative contents we have presented,” said CGV ScreenX Studio’s creative director Choi Yong-Seung. “Including the sing-along version where you can sing along while shaking Candy Bong, you will be able to fully experience various angles and stage effects you can only enjoy at a live concert.”

4DX with ScreenX is the world’s first integrated technology theater developed by CGV, combining the multi-sensory theater 4DX that provides various effects for different scenes of the movie with the multi-projection system ScreenX that displays images on three sides. In April, this theater won a Silver Award for ‘Media and Visual Communication’ entertainment at the 2018 Edison Awards of the US, which recognizes new innovators.