CJ CGV opens its 50th theater in Indonesia within five years of entry


CJ CGV has opened its 50th theater in Indonesia, the emerging ‘land of opportunity.’

|Opening the 50th theater in Indonesia, CGV FX!

▲A panorama of CGV Indonesia’s 50th theater, ‘CGV FX’.

CGV Indonesia (president Kim Gyeong-Tae), local subsidiary of CJ CGV (CEO Choi Byung-Hwan), announced on the 30th that it has launched the 50th theater ‘CGV FX’ in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 29. This achievement was attained within 5 years of entering Indonesia since it began operations with the management of the local theater chain ‘Blitz Megaplex’ in 2013.

The number of theaters in CGV Indonesia has increased from 10 in 2013 to 20 in 2016, and significantly increased to 40 after changing the brand to ‘CGV’ in January 2017. With this momentum, CGV has been able to open up 50 theaters this year. The market share of the box office has also more than doubled from 8% in 2013 to 18% in 2018, expanding its base in the local market.

‘CGV fX’, having opened in ‘fX Sudirman Mall’ in Jakarta, consists of four theaters including the special premium theater ‘Satin’ with cozy and comfortable leather seats, a multi-purpose theater for performances and seminars, and regular cinemas. ‘fX Sudirman Mall’ is located in the office district near Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium where the Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games were held.

In particular, the 50th theater in Indonesia offers a space for sportainment for the audience to enjoy in the cinema, considering that there are various sports facilities nearby. There is a large ‘Sports Hall’ to enjoy sports like basketball, futsal and badminton, as well as a ‘Sports Bar’ to enjoy all kinds of food before and after playing sports. Sports Hall is also equipped with individual lockers and shower stalls. Sports Bar offers drinks and fruit juices, as well as simple dishes like pizza, chicken and sandwiches.

|Differentiated events for local customers​

CGV Indonesia is undertaking various efforts to provide unique contents as a differentiated cultural playground for local customers. A typical example is the opening of ‘CGV Kitchen’ in June at ‘CGV Pacific Place’ in Jakarta for women in their 20-30s and office workers to enjoy a light meal. Signature dishes like Mediterranean pizza, spaghetti, fusion bulgogi pizza as well as non-alcoholic cocktails are popular among the customers.

In addition, CGV Indonesia also opened ‘CGV Warung Kopi’ at two theaters in Jakarta and Bandung in January 2018. ‘CGV Warung Kopi,’ which means a ‘coffee shop’ in Indonesia, sells all kinds of coffee based on cold brew and ice cream desserts topped with popcorn. ‘CGV Crunchy Zone,’ which first opened last year, is also a new place for Indonesian customers who enjoy fried food. The staff instantly fries the fresh ingredients chosen by customers so that they can dine on fresh and crunchy food offerings.

▲Photo celebrating the opening of CGV Indonesia’s 50th theater ‘CGV FX’

CGV Indonesia is also striving to develop various cultural programs combined with movie contents. ‘Beauty Class’ that was first offered in time for Halloween in October received good feedback, filling up more than 70% of the seats. The audience participating in ‘Beauty Class’ learned Halloween makeup from beauty creators and watched the horror film ‘Halloween’ together. Moreover, ‘Cine Music,’ which offers both live band performances and movies, also fills up at least 80% of the seats every time.

The alternative contents released in CGV Indonesia are also something to note. ‘Muse: Drones World Tour,’ the film featuring the live concert of English rock band ‘Muse’; ‘Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams,’ the music documentary of ‘Coldplay’ released in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their debut; and ‘Burn the Stage: the Movie,’ the first movie of ‘BTS’ were released this year, one after another, which all received a fervent response. In January 2019, ‘TWICELAND,’ a movie featuring the live world tour concert of girl group ‘Twice,’ will also be released. CGV Indonesia will continue to position itself as a differentiated cinema chain by offering a variety of cultural contents.

“We could succeed in opening the 50th theater in just five years of entering Indonesia by significantly expanding the scope of entry from first-tier cities to second- and third-tier cities,” said CJ CGV Indonesia president Kim Gyeong-Tae. “Thanks to the constant growth, CGV Indonesia expects to break the record of 20 million viewers a year for the first time since entering the market.”