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CJ Cultural Foundation receives Cultural Award of Seoul for ‘mecenat management’


CJ Cultural Foundation (Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun) announced that it has received the main award in the Culture & Arts Sponsorship category at the 67th Cultural Award of Seoul held on the 12th at the New Seoul City Hall. This is the first time that a CSR foundation is receiving this award.

-CJ Cultural Foundation receives the Cultural Award of Seoul in Culture & Arts Sponsorship

▲ CJ Cultural Foundation STAGE UP supported production of Musical ‘Red Garden’

The Cultural Award of Seoul was established in 1948 to promote cultural and artistic activities and enhance the status of Seoul as a city of cultural citizens, and is given out to individuals or organizations that have contributed greatly to the cultural development of Seoul. This year, there were winners in 13 categories, including CJ Cultural Foundation in Culture & Arts Sponsorship and actor Joong-hoon Park in Popular Art.

Having carried out various sponsorship activities for culture and arts since its establishment in 2006, CJ Cultural Foundation has been acknowledged for its contributions in 1) sourcing and nurturing new creators of music, performances and movies and promoting welfare and helping achieve the dreams of entertainers and artists in Seoul; 2) increasing access of Seoul citizens to culture and arts by operating a creative studio and performance center CJ Azit; 3) bringing emotional stability to adolescents at risk through TUNE UP Music Class.

-Supporting new creators with TUNE UP, STAGE UP, STORY UP

▲ CJ Cultural Foundation TUNE UP musician ' Sultan Of The Disco' performance

CJ Cultural Foundation has been discovering new creators with potential through public contests since 2010 and providing support for their activities, thereby helping new artists enter the market and industrialize creative contents. Main businesses include TUNE UP for pop music, STAGE UP for musicals and plays, and STORY UP for film storytelling. The selected young artists receive all kinds of support such as support funding, CJ Azit rental service, mentoring and training from specialists in each field, and various stage performing opportunities.

At the end of 2017, TUNE UP selected a total of 43 teams and 128 musicians including Asian Chairshot and MeloMance, and provided production support of 30 albums. STAGE UP selected 92 creators and supported 60 works, and 14 musicals including Goddess is Watching, Pungwolju, Arangga and Pan were staged as official commercial musicals. STORY UP supported 108 new storytellers and ended up releasing 12 films including My PS Partner, Blue Beard, A Stray Goat, and I Can Speak.

▲ CJ Azit Gwangheungchang, a creative studio and performance center for indie musicians

CJ Azit run by CJ Cultural Foundation is a free creative studio for entertainers and artists, as well as a performance hall for citizens to enjoy various genres of culture and arts. There is CJ Azit Gwangheungchang for nonmainstream music concerts, and CJ Azit Daehangno for musicals and plays. The cumulative audience size of CJ Azit exceeded 60,000 people by the first half of 2018.

Moreover, CJ Cultural Foundation has also been regularly hosting TUNE UP Music Class in Dasom School for multicultural children, Seoul Juvenile Training School, and Northern Seoul Probation Office for emotional stability and sociality cultivation of adolescents in crisis.

“The primary goal of CJ Cultural Foundation is to create a more secure environment for young artists to continuously develop culture and arts,” said Hee-kyung Min, Executive Vice President of Global CSV at CJ. “We will make continued efforts to contribute to the diversity of the cultural ecosystem for young creators.”