CJ CGV introduces an urban regeneration culture complex at Incheon Port!

▲Inside view of the CGV urban regeneration culture complex

-The old grain warehouse at Incheon Port will be transformed into a culture complex in the next year.

CJ CGV, leading the multi-cultural space Cultureplex, will introduce an urban regeneration culture complex in Incheon Port in the second half of next year. CGV was selected as the operator of the Sangsang Platform, which was overseen by Incheon on July 19, and it is planning to introduce the urban regeneration culture complex, which reflects the know-how it has accumulated over the years.
The Sangsang Platform is a project to create a space of culture and innovation by remodeling an old grain warehouse on wharf 8 of Incheon Port. This warehouse, erected in 1978, is 270m long, 45m wide, and its total area is 12,150㎡. It does not have any pillars or inner walls. It was the largest standalone warehouse in Asia, but it was shut down in April 2016 based on the port redevelopment plan.
The Sangsang Platform, which CGV will introduce, will be reborn as a lively place where people gather together in collaboration with Incheon and local cultural organizations through creating culture that CJ Group is able to do so well. It will be transformed into a cultural space where people can enjoy various forms of cultural content and create new values.

▲The aerial view of the CGV urban regeneration culture complex

-Creating various cultural spaces for local residents

In particular, CJ Group is planning to help it become a space where today’s youth can pursue their dreams and design their future, and concentrate on shared growth with local residents. More than 20% of the total gross area will be earmarked for the virtual reality (VR) experience center, and workshops, i.e. a space for helping the local residents of Incheon and cultural artists start a business and conduct creative activities. There will also be an R&D space for startups and prospective founders, a research space for filmmaking professionals, and an exhibition and sales space for the works of art made by young handicraft artists. It will also take advantage of the know-how of operating Toto’s Film Workshop, CGV’s famed social contribution program, to create an educational platform to facilitate creation of movies by youth.

CJ Group will introduce 4DX with ScreenX, a special technology fusion movie theater that CGV introduced for the first time in the world, and the new-concept state-of-the-art movie theater based on CGV’s proprietary technology. Also, it will create a studio that will allow people to experience movie and drama production sites beyond simply watching movies, and a large space for performances and exhibitions in an effort to provide people with an opportunity to experience various cultural contents that CJ Group has. It is also planning to introduce a new-concept amusement facility that combines digital and analog elements.

Also, as the interior appropriately uses transparent materials, such as a glass façade, in part of the roof and in the passageways between buildings to maximize natural lighting, and the building was remodeled into an open space enabling people to enjoy an unobstructed view of the West Sea, it is expected to become a new landmark. With a resting space for citizens where they can enjoy the ocean view, along with a bakery café with a patissier, and in addition to an outdoor bar where people can enjoy the sunset in the direction of Wolmisan, it has various spaces that will allow citizens to enjoy a range of things including food and beverage all at once.
"Based on the Group’s philosophy of Patriotism through Business, we will contribute to job creation and invigoration of the local economy, e.g. hiring local talents and supporting young startups through close collaboration with Incheon,” said Seo Jeong, CEO of CJ CGV. “It is expected that Incheon Port will be transformed into a cultural center, and it will encourage another cultural innovation as a platform operator that leads the Cultureplex."