The E&M Division of CJ ENM shakes up the Turkish film market


As has CJ E&M secured a large-scale local film investment and distribution line-up in Turkey, it is stirring up a major sensation in the Turkish movie market.

▲(from left) The posters of , and <Çakallarla Dans>

-Setting up a total movie studio, encompassing production, investment and distribution, in Turkey

“We joined hands with Turkey’s leading production company, BKM, and No. 2 production company, TAFF, to secure the investment and distribution line-up for a total of 25 movies that these production companies will produce until June 2019,” said CJ E&M on June 19. “As a result, CJ E&M became a total movie studio, encompassing production, investment and distribution, in Turkey.”

In particular, it is quite meaningful in that CJ E&M joined forces with the local production powers, such as BKM and TAFF. They are so influential in Turkey that these two produced 6 out of the top 10 local hit movies in 2017. BKM, established in 1994, is a traditional power which continually produces 10 or more movies in a year, and holds the largest share of the Turkish market. TAFF is a movie production company, belonging to TIMS Production, which produced the Turkish history drama, ‘Magnificent Century (Muhteşem Yüzyıl)’, which also proved to be well received in Korea. It retains the second largest share of the Turkish film market. It is very adept at handling unique contents, such as war and action, as well as the comedy genre, which is very popular in Turkey.

-Discussions of making the Turkish versions of Korean box-office hits like , and

Among the 25 movies, the movie that will be premiered first is , produced by BKM. It will be released in October. is a sequel to the famous comedy , which was released last year and was seen by 2.05 million people. It will be an offbeat road comedy in which the two buddies, who became close friends in the original movie.

Another noteworthy movie is a comedy action movie, scheduled to be released in January 2019, (Organize İşler 2). Yilmaz Erdogan, co-CEO of BMK, a famous director and actor in Turkey, directed this film. It is Season 2 of , which was premiered in 2005 and recorded a cumulative number of movie-goers amounting to 2.61 million and became the second most watched local film in 2005. It’s now coming back again after 13 years. In particular, this film will feature fascinating action scenes which combine Turkish comedy and Korean technology. Many movie fans have high expectations for this movie.

<Çakallarla Dans 5>, produced by TAFF, will be released this coming December. It’s a comedy, and Season 4 was released back in 2016 and watched by a total of 1.35 million people. It was ranked No. 11 that year among local hit movies.

-Joining hands with the largest local production companies to establish itself as a powerful investor and distributor

Meanwhile, CJ E&M became the first Korean contents company to establish a film production, investment and distribution company, ‘CJ Entertainment Turkey,’ in Turkey in May 2017. Afterward, CJ E&M entered into a partnership with Turkey’s largest movie production company, BKM, and invested in and distributed a total of 9 Turkish movies from October 2017 till May 2018. Among them, (5.27 million) and (2.05 million), which were released last year, were ranked No. 3 and No. 6 respectively on the box-office chart among all the movies released in Turkey in 2017.

, which was released earlier this year, was also watched by more than 2.09 million people, the 3rd largest audience turnout among the Turkish movies that premiered in 2018. Considering that 7-8 movies with a total number of movie-goers exceeding 1 million are released in Turkey in a year, CJ E&M produced an amazing three movies that were seen by more than 1 million people in less than a year, and demonstrated its potential as an investor and distributor.

Also, Turkey and Korea are one of the few countries in the world where local movies have a greater share of the market than Hollywood movies. The Turkish market possesses great potential related to movie content. Turkish contents are also so popular not only in the nearby Middle East and Central Asia, but also in South America, proving the existence of a ‘Turkish drama fever.’ Turkey’s annual exports of dramas are worth about $350 million, which is second only to the US in the world.