CJ CheilJedang opens its HMR flagship store ‘CJ O’live Market IFC Mall’


CJ CheilJedang announced that it opened ‘CJ O’live Market Yeouido IFC Mall’ on June 13. This store is the second HMR flagship location in Korea following ‘CJ O’live Market Ssangnim’ in CJ CheilJedang Center, which was launched on June 1.

- In consideration of the Yeouido business district, ‘O’live Takeaway Zone’ and ‘Salad Selection,’ specializing in lunch boxes and salad menus, are being operated.

▲ Consumers are looking at the pop-up counter at CJ O’live Market IFC Mall.

‘CJ O’live Market Yeouido IFC Mall’, with a total floor area of 529m2 (160 pyeong), claims to be a new food culture platform (Simple & Delicious) where you can enjoy delicious HMR menu selections and do some shopping. Considering the fact that Yeouido is a business district where office workers are concentrated, it will provide simple and delicious home meal solutions that fit the consumption trends of busy modern lifestyles, and propose new ones.

To this end, CJ CheilJedang operates special spaces unique to ‘CJ O’live Market Yeouido IFC Mall,’ such as the ‘O’live Takeaway’ Zone and the ‘Salad Selection’ Zone. In the ‘O’live Takeaway Zone,’ you can buy lunch boxes and salads, motivated by HMR like ‘bibigo’ and ‘Gourmet.’

Reflecting the needs of consumers in the Yeouido business district, who want to save time while ensuring taste and nutrition, the company reinforced lunch box offerings made of fresh seasonal ingredients. In the ‘Salad Selection’ zone where you can make and take away your own salad, and considering the diverse tastes of customers, the company allows customers to select the types of vegetables, meat and toppings that they like.

Like the first store, it also has two theme spaces, such as the premium HMR restaurant ‘O’live Deli’ and the HMR brand store ‘O’live Grocery.’ ‘O’live Deli’ focuses on diversification of HMR menus and delivery of values. Approximately 10 professional chefs will develop and introduce 20 or so restaurant menu selections like ‘bibigo Hansik Bansang’ and ‘Gourmet Steak Menu’  made of HMR products of CJ CheilJedang, and launch a new menu feature every two months.

- Introducing a food culture complex where you can experience ‘special delicacies, new lifestyles and trends in food culture

‘CJ O’live Market Yeouido IFC Mall’ is located in a commercial district which is visited by consumers of various age groups and has a large floating population. So it plays the role of an antenna outlet for identifying popular trends.

“CJ O’live Market is a food culture complex where you can experience ‘special delicacies, new lifestyles and trends in food culture’ beyond selling products and food ingredients,” said Eun-gyeong Son, head of the Food Marketing Division (managing director) of CJ CheilJedang. “It will become a landmark of Yeouido by providing values that transcend taste and joy, the essence of HMR products.”

Meanwhile, CJ CheilJedang announced last year its ambition to increase the sales of HMR to KRW 3.6 trillion by 2020 and draw 40% of the sales from the global market by developing unique, innovative technologies and three core HMR brands. CJ CheilJedang saw its sales exceed KRW 1 trillion in 2016 for the first time thanks to its core HMR brands like ‘Hetbahn,’ ‘bibigo’ and ‘Gourmet.’ Last year, they proved to be very popular, and the company increased its sales by as much as 40% over the previous year to KRW 1.5 trillion.