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CJ ENM E&M Div. holds Asia’s biggest one-person creator festival ‘DIA Festival’!


CJ ENM E&M DIv.’s one-person creator support project ‘DIA TV’ jointly hosts Asia’s biggest one-person creator festival ‘DIA Festival 2018’ with Seoul. The festival will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul from August 18 to 19

- Providing customized stages that match the genres and targets by gender, age and participants with the slogan ‘LIGHT NOW’

Celebrating its third event this year, DIA Festival emphasizes communication with the C (Contents) generation that feels satisfied by creating new contents and expressing themselves freely. Thus, the festival’s slogan will be ‘LIGHT NOW’ meaning “the city of shining stars.”

There will be customized stages designed to match different genres and targets such as gaming (men aged 15-29), beauty (women aged 15-29), music and entertainment (both men and women aged 15-29), and food and kids (families) so that creators and fans sharing the same interests can more closely communicate with one another. The strategy is to establish a solid foothold with Korea’s biggest O2O (Online to Offline) festival that brings the targeting method of digital marketing to the offline stage and integrates brand experience.

-Over 100 top creators confirmed participation

Over 100 top creators in each genre already confirmed their participation. The gaming stage for men aged 15-29 will feature the Daedoseogwan, Bokyem , Gamst, RoyJo, Janen, Meodok, and Usona, and the beauty stage for women aged 15-29 will feature Ssinnim, YoonCharmi, Hanbyul, Ha Neul, and KIMDAX.

The music/entertainment stage for both men and women aged 15-29 will feature Yumdang, Flowervin, Mak-rye Park (Korea Grandma), 1Million, Awesome Haeun, and Eok Sub Ho, and the food/kids stage for the whole family will feature Banzz, SOF, Shukii, Haetnim, Honeykki, Heopop, Hey Jini, LuckyKang i, AnnieHan TV, My Lynn TV, Lime Tube, and Let’s Play YURA.

Some global creators including South American creator Claudipia with 1.98 million subscribers also decided to participate. These star creators will present various free contents online and offline, such as collaborations with DIA Festival participating brands, events, PR videos about the cast, live videos from the venue and event recap videos.

- Synergy is anticipated in digital commerce after merging with CJ ENM O Shopping Div.

“The 3rd DIA Festival is where you can witness an offline preview of the synergy of digital commerce after the inauguration of CJ ENM that merged CJ ENM O Shopping Div. and CJ ENM E&M DIv.,” said Jin-se Oh, manager of DIA TV that secured unrivaled competitiveness in digital commerce with a total of 160 million subscribers as of April 2018.

Having already successfully completed two events at COEX in 2016 and Gocheok Sky Dome in 2017, DIA Festival is securing its place as a convention that brings satisfaction to visitors, creators and companies all at once, with 27 cumulative participant brands including Gmarket and brand shop MISSHA managed by Able C&C which was the main sponsor of 2017, over 70,000 visitors, and 300 local and global creators came together in one place.