CJ Media Produces A 12-Epidsode ‘Asia Movie Travel.’


CJ Media has announced that it is producing an HD documentary named ‘Asia Movie Travel’ with Indicom Cinema, which is worth around the 1billion won scope. ‘Asia Movie Travel’ will feature the history and production state of movie industries in Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Iran, Central Asia, India, among others.

In particular, the interview on Helen Clark, who led the success of New Zealand movies, the on-the-spot coverage of Parkroad Post, the production company of ‘Lord of the Rings,’ and the filming site of Ucon Prince (currently working in the worldly-noticed Thai filmdom)’s new blockbuster production ‘Naressuwan’ will be first introduced to Korean viewers.

‘Asia Movie Travel,’ planned as a 10year official commemoration program of the Busan Film Festival, started its production in January and will be completed by end of September. The completed emission will be broadcasted for 2weeks, starting on the first week of October, as a documentary special on SBS. Also, it is planned for a 2hour-screening at the Busan Film Festival.