CJ Group Chairman Kyung-shik Sohn and Croatian Parliament Deputy Speaker Meet.


▲ (From left) CJ Group Chairman Kyung-shik Sohn, Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Željko Reiner

On May 2, CJ Group Chairman Kyung-shik Sohn met and held pleasant discussions with Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Željko Reiner at CJ CheilJedang Center in Ssangnim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.

Sohn met Reiner that day to discuss the promotion of corporate investments in the two countries, and Reiner particularly exhibited interest in CJ Group’s expansion into overseas markets.

“Starting with the export of bio amino acids to Croatia in 1999, CJ Group’s special cinema business 4DX also entered Croatia,” stated Sohn to Reiner. “We’re reviewing more business expansion opportunities, and we ask for your continuous interest and support.”

In addition to CJ Group Chairman Kyung-shik Sohn, other participants included CJ 4DPLEX CEO Byung-hwan Choi and CJ CheilJedang Food Marketing Department Head Eun-kyung Sohn, and from the Croatian Parliament, attendees included Reiner as well as parliament members Damir Mateljan and Marijana Balić. 

Croatia, the filming location of tvN travel reality show ‘Sisters Over Flowers’ aired from 2013-2014, became well known to Korea when the show became a huge hit. As many as 500,000 tourists traveled to Croatia in 2017, which was the most among Asian countries. CJ Group Vice Chairman Mi-Kyung Lee also received a medal (Red Danice hrvatske s likom Blaza Lorkovica) from the Croatian government for contributing to the improvement of the two countries’ relationship.

Reiner and his entourage visited Korea upon the official invitation from Joo-sun Park, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly (co-president of Bareunmirae Party).