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CGV 4DX affirms to penetrate the Southeast Asian


CGV 4DX, which allows the audience to vividly experience special effects, is accelerating its entry into the Southeast Asian market.

On December 12, CJ 4DPLEX (CEO Choi Byung-Hwan), a subsidiary of CJ CGV, entered into an MOU with ‘Golden Screen Cinemas,’ the No. 1 movie theater operator in Malaysia, at ‘CineAsia.’ ‘CineAsia’ is Asia’s largest movie expo that is held in Hong Kong every December. As a result, 4DX has been able to make inroads into 7 Southeast Asian countries, i.e. Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and the Philippines.

‘Golden Screen Cinemas’ is the largest local movie theater operator that possesses 328 screens in 35 movie theaters in Malaysia. It is also operating 73 screens in 12 movie theaters in Vietnam outside of Malaysia. Initially, CJ 4DPLEX will introduce the first 4DX theaters to the ‘Golden Screen Cinemas Paradigm Mall (GSC Paradigm Mall)’ in Johor Bahru by the end of this year. The ‘GSC Paradigm Mall’ is the largest shopping mall in the highly accessible city center, featuring more than 500 stores.

▲ (Left) Golden Screen Cinemas CEO Koh Mei Lee, (right) CJ 4DPLEX Cho Jeong-Hoon, business director

“Golden Screen Cinemas, representing Malaysia, has continuously made various efforts to provide new and rich movie experiences to customers,” said Golden Screen Cinemas CEO Koh Mei Lee. “I expect that 4DX will give the audience a strong sense of immersion and enthrall them as if they encountered the magic in the movie in real life.”

- Continuously enhancing the movie-watching experience

On December 13, CJ 4DPLEX also signed a contract with India’s largest movie theater chain ‘PVR Cinema’ for opening additional 4DX theaters. ‘PVR Cinema’ is India’s No. 1 movie theater operator that operates 600 screens in 131 movie theaters in 51 cities of India, and accommodates 75 million moviegoers a year. It is famous for introducing the premium movie theater model in 1997 for the first time in India. According to this contract, ‘PVR Cinema’ will open 16 additional 4DX theaters by 2019 in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Pune.

▲ (Left) PVR Cinema CEO Gautam Dutta, (right) CJ 4DPLEX Cho Jeong-Hoon, business director

“PVR Cinema does not consider it as being a simple contractual relationship with CJ 4DPLEX, but as a close relationship based on a strategic partnership,” said PVR Cinema CEO Gautam Dutta, highly praising 4DX. “4DX is a unique movie theater that not only meets the latest needs of the audience who value immersion in movies and experience, but also becomes the goal of PVR Cinema which leads the innovative culture of movie theaters.”

"We will do our best to allow for the growth potential and innovative technology of 4DX recognized in the Southeast Asian market, which is deemed as a new growth engine," said Choi Byung-Hwan, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. "CGV will continue to enhance the movie-watching experience by securing a large number of ScreenX movies, 4DX, a new multi-projection system, as well as promoting 4DX."

Meanwhile, 4DX has 445 movie theaters in 54 countries, such as Korea, China, the US, Japan, the UK, India, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Chile and Australia.