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CJ O Shopping teaches its home shopping insights


- Dedicated job training for the employees of overseas TV Home Shopping companies... More than 160 people participated in this program over a 5-year period from 2013.
- Its sales in ASEAN are on the rise... Overall sales of the 4 countries, including Malaysia, increased by 24% YoY in the first half.

The employees of overseas TV Home Shopping companies are visiting Korea year after year to learn the operating insights of CJ O Shopping. The photo shows the participants from various countries in the ‘Global Talent Job Training Program’ which was carried out in November 2016.

When President Moon Jae-in was making an 8-day visit to 3 ASEAN countries, more than 20 employees of overseas TV Home Shopping companies, including the ASEAN region, visited CJ O Shopping, and will participate in the 5-day education program starting from today.

CJ O Shopping’s ‘Global Talent Job Training' event, which was started in 2013 and celebrates its 5th anniversary this year, is a mentoring-based job training program in which the employees of CJ O Shopping’s global TV Home Shopping Network visit the head office of CJ O Shopping Korea.

It is noteworthy in that CJ O Shopping bestows participants with the insights it has accumulated over 20 years or more while enhancing the profile of Korea as being the birthplace of TV Home Shopping. Until now, including this year, as many as 160 regional employees have participated in this program.

22 out of 26 participants are from ASEAN countries, and Malaysia MPCJ, launched last year, sent the largest contingent of employees, a total of 14. They have all come from different job backgrounds, such as show hosts, merchandising director, IT development, business management, programming, broadcasting technology, legal affairs and marketing.

On November 13, the first day, and November 14, they will visit the major facilities of CJ Group and experience Korean culture, and from November 15, they will receive training tailored to their own jobs from their respective mentors.

CJ O Shopping arranged a prayer room in the company so that Muslims, who account for 1/3rd of all participants, can use it during the training period. Also, as half of the participants do not eat meat for such reasons as personal preferences and religion, the company prepared separate menus for them, giving them special consideration.

“I am very excited to learn about the home shopping business and jobs in Korea, a leader in TV Home Shopping," said Kan Lai Keong, merchandising director of Malaysia MPCJ, who is participating in this event. “In particular, I’d like to learn the secret behind the success of Korean home shopping, the insights, and the key to sustainable growth."

Meanwhile, in consideration of CJ O Shopping’s overall overseas business, sales in the ASEAN region have particularly been snowballing. TV home shopping sales of CJ O Shopping in the four countries of Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia, increased by 24% YoY based on the first half of this year.

CJ O Shopping established ‘SCJ’ in July 2011 as a joint venture with Vietnam’s No. 1 cable TV operator ‘SCTV.’ It now accounts for as much as 60% of the local TV home shopping market. In 2012, CJ O Shopping joined hands with Thailand’s largest entertainment and media group, ‘GMM Grammy’ to establish ‘G"CJ’, which its market share now exceeds 30%. In 2013, the company joined forces with the Philippines’ largest private broadcasting company, ‘ABS-CBN’, to establish the joint venture ‘ACJ,’ which is now airing 24 hours a day. In 2016, it collaborated with Malaysia’s largest media group, 'Media Prima’ and established ‘CJ WOW SHOP.'