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2017 MAMA, studded with Asian stars making K-Pop


CJ E&M, a total contents provider, is holding 2017 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards), studded with K-Pop stars electrifying global fans around the world. Super Junior, GOT7 and Monsta X have already confirmed their appearance in the famed show. 2017 MAMA will be held in three host cities for the first time: 2017 MAMA Premiere in Vietnam (Sat., Nov. 25), 2017 MAMA in Japan (Wed., Nov. 29, ) and 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong (Fri., Dec. 1).

- Once again, MAMA is set to become a music festival enjoyed by the world

First, Super Junior, a legendary K-Pop band, will stage its performance in Hong Kong. Super Junior is a K-Pop pioneer who produced many hit songs, including ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘Bonamama’ and ‘Mr. Simple’, reigning at No.1 on the Taiwanese KKBOX Korean music chart for a record-high 121 weeks. ‘Black Suit’, the band's new song released earlier this month, is also proving to be hot, entering the upper ranks of various Korean music charts and recording No.1 in the iTunes album charts of 23 countries, including Argentina, Mexico and Chile. Their performance in 2017 MAMA is also expected to electrify global fans with their uplifting and cheerful vibes.

You can also see GOT7 on the Hong Kong stage. Last summer, GOT7 successfully finished its tour of four Thai cities for the first time among K-Pop bands, underscoring its popularity. Their new album "7 for 7", released in October, also ranked No.1 in the iTunes album charts of 17 countries, including Brazil, Finland, Hong Kong and Mexico. There are high expectations about what this band of boys will show at MAMA, featuring both their manly and cute appeal and proving to have a broad musical spectrum.

Lastly, Monsta X will exclusively appear on the Japanese stage. Last September, Monsta X successfully wrapped up its first world tour covering 16 cities in 11 countries, solidifying its position as a global idol band. In particular, their US tour that spanned Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco and LA was all sold out, acting as a testament to how popular they are. After such a successful world tour, a more powerful GOT7 is expected to captivate the hearts of global fans at MAMA once again.

Meanwhile, MAMA is marking its 9th year as one of Asia's biggest music award ceremonies, organized by CJ E&M, the leading total contents company. The awards began in 1999 under the name "Mnet Km Music Festival" and has since grown domestically in step with the growth of the Korean music industry over the past 10 years, and finally, in 2009, it was renamed to "MAMA." In 2010, the show was held outside of South Korea for the first time, starting with Macao, then Singapore in 2011 and Hong Kong from 2012 to 2016, evolving into one of the world's biggest music festivals rather than being an ordinary year-end music awards ceremony, as well as a place for global communications and a means to spread Asian pop music.

In particular, 2017 MAMA will be held in three venues, Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong, during the MAMA Week. Under its concept "Co-existence," MAMA will be a music festival enjoyed by the world, presenting the co-existence of various cultures, regional exchange and sympathy through music.