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We make movie, We guide imagination!


CJ Donors Camp is operating the ‘Creativity School,’ which helps trigger the blooming of self-esteem and creativity within children in community child centers. Children in the Creativity School are growing by leaps and bounds while learning about culture in 4 sectors of music, movies, design and reading.

In particular, the movie sector will introduce a short film made by the children this December when the 12th class will come to an end. In the process of making films, the children learn about cooperation, and gain the ability to tell their stories in an amusing way.

On October 23, the 4th class was in progress at the ‘Classroom Opening Up Tomorrow Community Child Center’ in Incheon with 10 children in attendance. After school, the children headed to the community child center a bit early and waited for the class to start. Come along as we enter a classroom filled with laughter and stories!

- Creativity School movies: a place where my story can become a movie

At the Classroom Opening Up Tomorrow Community Child Center, children ranging from 3rd grade to 6th grade in elementary school are participating in the Creativity School movie class. On the day of the 4th class, the mentors and the children participated in some recreation, and ‘wrote stories to be told on the radio.’

They laughed while playing basketball with the balloons they blew up, and revealed their own stories by pretending to write their stories to be aired on the radio. The process of writing their own stories is more important than anything else to the children making movies.

Each and every story will become substance for the movies the children will soon make, and their imagination and ability to express themselves will grow as they write their own stories.

The children wrote about their everyday concerns they shared with their friends, and their happy moments they want to share with everyone with a serious look on their faces.

As we took the approach of ‘letting them write their stories comfortably as if they were writing stories to be told on the radio’ rather than teaching them ‘how to write a scenario,’ the children seem to develop even more interest.

The mentors who played the role of DJs introduced the stories of a child who worries about playing games too much, and a child who was thinking deeply about which middle school to go to, set against background music. The children listened to the stories of their friends as if they were their own stories, and each exhibited a certain spark in their eyes.

- A sanctuary for letting my stories flow freely, Creativity School!

The ultimate goal was to make a movie, but what was more important to the children than the goal was the ‘process.’ As time went on, the children became engrossed in the class, as the teachers looked on with a sense of pride.

Jeong Ji-Hye, a mentor, said, “The children come to class earlier than they did in the first class.” At first, the children could not easily understand what it meant to make a movie, but they soon began to realize what they were supposed to do.

“In the 2nd class, we divided the roles into the director, cinematographer, writer and actor for practice. At first, the children did not know what to do to undertake the role assigned to them, but when they saw the outcome, they actively expressed what they want to do, such as stating “I want to be the director next time.”

Our children have no place to go but their home, school and after-school academies, and have few opportunities to tell the stories they really want to tell. I hope that the Creativity School movie class will serve as a sanctuary where the children can speak freely about what they have in mind and share it with others.”

The Creativity School acts as a sanctuary for the children in the community child center. It’s a place where they can do what they can with joy, rather than a place where they must learn something and aspire to get grades. CJ Donors Camp will continue to support the growth of our children through the Creativity School.