The goal of exporting CGV 4DX to 50 countries


CJ CGV’s subsidiary, CJ 4DPLEX, launched its first 4DX movie theater in Australia on November 26, accomplishing its goal of exporting it to 50 countries around the world. Now, people on all six continents can watch 4DX movies.

4DX has now become the distinguished special movie theater brand of the world that features 415 screens and more than 50,000 seats in 50 countries of the world. The number of moviegoers at home and abroad that 4DX can accommodate in a year increased to 100 million. It is a meaningful result that 4DX achieved just 8 years and 9 months after its debut in 2009.

▲ The image that ‘Century City Village Cinema’ of Melbourne, Australia sent to celebrate the launch of the 4DX screen

The first 4DX screen in Australia was installed in ‘Century City Village Cinema’ in downtown Melbourne. The ‘Village Cinema’ is the leading movie theater operator in Melbourne which has a total of 23 movie theaters and 207 screens in Australia. Through the partnership it entered into with CJ 4DPLEX at ‘2017 CinemaCon,’ which was held last March, the first 4DX screen in Australia was unveiled.

‘Century City Village Cinema’ is home to various special movie theaters, such as premium theaters with top-class private services and reclining seats, theaters exclusively for art films and independent films, and movie theaters exclusively for kids. Now that the technology-based 4DX screens have been added, it will be able to provide Australian moviegoers with new movie-watching experiences and greater enjoyment.

- Establishing itself as the ‘world’s leading special movie theater’ brand

CGV 4DX has been building strategic partnerships with new global movie theater operators on a yearly basis, and is proving to be the fastest growing among leading special movie theater formats at home and abroad. Since its introduction to CGV Sangam in 2009, CGV 4DX was introduced to China in 2010, and has been making active inroads in overseas markets. This year, CGV 4DX entered the European market, including Norway and France, Africa and the Middle East. In addition, it has consecutively entered into contracts with movie theater operators, which it has been maintaining partnerships with, for adding new 4DX screens.

As a result, 4DX has been growing by 144% a year on average since its launch in 2009, and sprawling across the world. Currently, overseas 4DX screens account for 92% of all 4DX screens at home and abroad. There are 10 times more 4DX screens overseas than in Korea. In 2016, 10 or more 4DX screens were opened each month on average, and in November 2016, the cumulative number of 4DX screens exceeded 300 on a global basis. Riding this momentum, the cumulative number of 4DX screens exceeded 400 as of this September.

▲ Images sent from countries all over the world to help celebrate the presence of CGV 4DX in 50 countries

“4DX will use this accomplishment as a stepping stone to become the ‘world’s leading special movie theater’ brand, driving the global movie market, including the US, China and Europe, by continuously enhancing and innovating the value of the movie experience,” said Choi Byung-Hwan, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “We will work hard to proliferate ‘Screen X,’ the multi-projection system, which we developed with our own technology, as well as 4DX.”

Meanwhile, 4DX is a special movie theater for full-length movies, which CJ 4DPLEX succeeded in commercializing for the first time in the world. It allows you to experience special effects. Special environmental equipment and motion chairs are combined so that the chairs move or vibrate, the wind blows, water is sprayed, or scents are disseminating according to what you see in the movie. The core technology is the sophisticated 4D programming in consideration of the flow and emotion of the movie. It is deemed to be the creative product of IT combined with cultural sensitivity. Currently, there are 415 4DX screens in 50 countries, including Korea, China, the US, Japan, the UK, India, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Chile and Australia.