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At 2017 MAMA, the new concept is 'Co-existence'


'2017 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards),’ hosted by CJ E&M, a comprehensive contents company, will be held in Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong from November 25 (Saturday) till December 1 (Friday) under a new concept of ‘Co-existence.’ The week-long festival is Asia’s leading music awards ceremony which will unite the world through music. It will be transformed into a global music festival that everyone around the world can be sure to enjoy together.

The new concept of ‘2017 MAMA,’ i.e. ‘Co-existence,’ means that people with different languages and cultures will be able to co-exist harmoniously through this global music festival which is held in three locations, namely Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong. The disclosed logo also expressed the wavelength and harmony of music that begins at a small starting point. ‘2017 MAMA,’ which intends to exhibit the co-existence of various cultures, regional exchanges and appreciation of music, will be transformed into a global music awards ceremony which will unite all music lovers around the world, and thus become a venue for the harmony and exchange of the overall music market.

- A splendid music festival in Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong!

The ‘2017 MAMA Premiere in Vietnam,’ the first stage of this festival, will be held in Vietnam (November 25, Saturday). Asian artists of the year from Thailand, Singapore, among others, will receive awards and perform, raising people’s expectations. The music festival will also be held in Japan (November 29, Wednesday) and Hong Kong (December 1, Friday) under the title of ‘2017 MAMA in Japan’ and ‘2017 MAMA in Hong Kong’, respectively.

As it is held in three countries, the cast and performances will be flashier, and the stage will be filled with the performances of various artists. Particularly, in Hong Kong, in tune with ‘co-existence,’ ‘2017 MAMA Professional Categories’ (November 30, Thursday) will be reinforced, and the festival will embrace not only artists, but also everyone in the Asian music industry.

Also, ‘2017 MAMA Nomination’ will be aired starting at 5:00pm on November 19 (Thursday). ‘Kim Il-Joong’ and ‘Park So-Hyun’ will emcee the event. Kim Il-Joong’s upstanding presence as a show host, and the knowledge of Park So-Hyun, who is a famous idol expert, are expected to fuse together to create a unique on-stage chemistry.

- Co-existence of various cultures, regional exchange and appreciation of music!

Unlike last year’s Nomination broadcasting, expert panelists will also appear. ‘Kim Yi-Na,’ a lyricist, will induce a clear and rich musical interpretation dialogue about this year’s trends in the K-Pop world, and ‘DinDin,’ who is a popular rapper and entertainer, will add fun to the program with his witty banter as well as his musical discourse. Voting will start on the official MAMA website at 6:00pm immediately after ‘2017 MAMA Nomination.’

The nomination screening of ‘2017 MAMA’ was upgraded, and the categories were renamed. The existing domestic category was renamed ‘K-Pop,’ and the overseas category was changed to ‘Asian Music,’ and the best rap performance category was expanded to ‘Best Hip Hop & Urban Music’. Accordingly, the screening criteria will also be reinforced with a focus placed on fairness.

Meanwhile, the official sponsor of ‘2017 MAMA’ is the global open market ‘Qoo10.’ ‘Qoo10’ website is planning to sell tickets and carry our various events at the same time.

‘MAMA,’ which celebrates its 9th anniversary this year, is the iconic Asian music awards ceremony hosted by CJ E&M, the leading comprehensive contents company. Having started out as ‘Mnet Video Music Awards’ in 1999, it has continuously evolved together with the growth of the Korean music industry. It was held in Korea for about 10 years, and in 2009, it became ‘MAMA.’ In 2010, it went global starting with Macao, and Singapore in 2011, and Hong Kong from 2012 to 2016. Transcending its regional image by spreading around the world, it is becoming a window of global communication and a viable venue for proliferation of Asian pop music.