CJ Blossom Park Aims for the Great Power of Tech


Creative Convergence Spreads Out to the World! CJ Blossom Park Aims for the Great Power of Technology Beyond Culture

“Making the best (The Best) and only products in the world (The Differentiation) for the first time (The First)”

CJ has enhanced its corporate competitiveness by implementing the spirit of ‘Only One’! Now it’s about to take another bold leap forward through an integrated R&D center that brought together the constantly changing DNA of ‘Only One.’ CJ Blossom Park, which celebrated its opening on May 17, is the first R&D convergence center in Korea that embraces the fields of food and bioenergy. This fulfilled the firm belief of CJ that future development depends on technological aptitude, and its source lies in ceaseless investment in R&D. Let’s realize a new future at CJ Blossom Park where change and originality begin!

- A massive vessel for new ideas, a mecca of creative convergence

Just like a canvas for artists to paint on, the best canvas for researchers to develop creative ideas is now ready. Integrated R&D center CJ Blossom Park, located in Gwanggyo New Town of Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, has become Korea’s biggest research center that brought together the R&D competencies of all business fields such as food, materials, bioenergy, and biological resources. It is the size of about 15 soccer fields, accommodating over 600 specialized researchers.

In particular, it has integrated the research organizations of CJ that had been scattered all over the country such as Seoul and Incheon into a single site. It is garnering attention as a research space that maximized efficiency with the integrated operation of research support functions as well.

Above all, innovative designs and new techniques were applied to all processes from design to construction. The spaces were created for researchers to showcase their creativity to the fullest and conduct convergent studies, providing a perfect environment for them to focus exclusively on research. Based on this pride, it accelerates the development of future growth engines by integrating CJ’s world-class competitive edge in food and bio R&D with a history of 60 years. Furthermore, CJ resolves to stand alone as a global leader that leads to becoming the power of technology beyond culture as the world’s best R&D center that secured multiple world-renowned Only One technologies.

- Unique exterior, the future embodied in three petals

What first captures one’s eyes at CJ Blossom Park is its unique exterior. It has a distinctive formative beauty created by the shape of three petals, imitating CJ’s logo (CI). With a smart design that maximized work synergy, CJ Blossom Park is considered an extraordinary masterwork that’s rare in terms of architecture.

Divided into three individual buildings, CJ Blossom Park is connected with open passages visible from the outside, forming towers of different heights that naturally coexist with the surrounding natural environment and geographical features. In particular, the building exterior inspired by flower petals resembles a flat piece of paper folded into a three-dimensional object with durability and formative beauty. This design conveys the powerful synergy of CJ Blossom Park to make the world a beautiful place with its novel ideas.

Moreover, the 3D-curve sun shade that naturally rolls around the three towers and the world’s first attempt at applying a curtain wall on a high-rise building that’s over 10 floors all symbolize the dynamic image of CJ. The sun shade that brings in natural light creates a more pleasant research environment, and the curtain wall design without frames between windows provides access to bright sunlight and green nature everywhere to inspire the researchers in various ways.

CJ Blossom Park also won the Excellence Award at the 2016 Korean Architecture Awards for the spatial structure with maximized synergy, eco-friendly design, and beauty of architecture.

- A space for communication and communion, a research atmosphere with efficiency and creativity

Communication is the most important theme that forms the architectural background of CJ Blossom Park. Open communication and creative ideas lead to communion, convergence and coincidence, bringing power to create the one and only novelty of its kind of the world. To this end, CJ Blossom Park gives top priority to building a creative research atmosphere for not only the building exterior but also short traffic lines, efficient design, and internal link system.

The main lobby built in the form of a big atrium to represent open space is the most remarkable venue for communication. This atrium connects different R&D centers located in the three towers into one, forming the central axis that spreads out the creative ideas. The place also features 160 collaborative spaces, implementing the Open Lab system to be freely attached and detached like Lego blocks on all experiment stands to enable active collaboration among different business divisions. Each space has unnecessary walls removed, setting up glass walls for spaces that require compartments, connecting all the spaces that seemed to have been divided into one.

From work to rest, rest to meeting – the space that freely changes your seat into a research lab helps you become inspired and come up with ideas anytime and anywhere. CJ Blossom Park is created as a free space that supports various forms of collaboration and knowledge sharing, securing its place as a venue for convenient and active communication and communion.

- A brain hub that opens up the future, a powerful, integrated synergy led by CJ

Starting out in 1953 with the production of sugar that is a basic ingredient necessary for people’s lives, CJ CheilJedang has been growing and expanding its horizons to include food, feed, bio and pharmaceuticals for over half a century! Based on CJ CheilJedang’s world-class fermentation technology using microorganisms with a 60-year history, CJ Blossom Park integrated food, biological resources, bio, materials and healthcare, and is striving to realize all kinds of synergy among similar businesses.

In addition, based on having the best infrastructure and world-class R&D human resources as well as innovative technological aptitude, CJ Blossom Park resolves to perform a key role that leads Korea to become a technological power in bio and food by developing Only One innovative products. Now, with the existing industries waning and new growth engines nowhere to be seen, the contents, lifestyle and cultural services, food, and bio businesses of CJ aim to breathe new life into our economy. There is already strong focus on the powerful synergy that will be created by the integration of core R&D fields for the future.

- Materials R&D Center
The food business, which is the foundation of CJ CheilJedang and CJ, is leading the food industry in Korea by providing various food ingredients such as sugar, flour and cooking oil. CJ is becoming a global materials company based on the world’s best enzyme and solid fermentation technology.

Biological Resources R&D Center
Since the release of Pungnyeon Feed in 1973, CJ has grown into a world-renowned feed company with industry-leading products and technological skills. It will continue to develop and provide differentiated products and technological services focusing on customer needs based on convergence and the enhancement of feed and livestock technologies.

- Food R&D Center
The food business, which started from sugar manufacturing and flour milling business that has been the foundation of CJ, has helped it grow into Korea’s leading comprehensive food company, starting with the launch of composite seasoning Dashida, spreading the taste of Korea to the world. CJ will lead the lifestyle of customers and globalization of Korean food with healthier and more convenient-to-eat foods.

- Healthcare R&D Center
Since diving into the pharmaceutical business in 1984, CJ HealthCare has grown in to Korea’s leading pharmaceutical company with prescription medicine in various fields as well as health and beauty products. CJ will continue to lead the development of innovative medicine and differentiated health contents.

- Bio Technology R&D Center
CJ also develops various products such as MSG, nucleic acid, lysine, threonine, tryptophan, and methionine based on advanced fermentation and refinement technology. CJ will build a better future for the bio industry based on the world’s top-class microorganism improvement and fermentation technology.

CJ Blossom Park is a space where convergence studies begin in the truest sense in order to create a new value for the world by providing a place and an opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of research. We enthusiastically support the bold leap taken by CJ Blossom Park towards realizing the great new future of CJ as well as Korea!