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Unforgettable first moments of the new employees


Let’s take a moment to introduce the new employees of CJ Group, who will refresh your everyday life with food, style and entertainment. A plan is in place for them to get together on Jeju Island prior to their first day of work. An unforgettable ‘first encounter’ is awaiting them. So, what is this meeting that is so important that they are willing to brave the hot weather? Read along as we chronicle the famed initial encounter, a mission that all new employees of CJ Group must carry out.

- Why the new employees of CJ Group came together on Jeju Island

The initial outset of one’s career is also important to the new recruits of CJ Group. They will have time to learn about CJ and their colleagues for a period of 2 weeks at NINE BRIDGES in Jeju. During the 2-week training, they are able to deeply understand the underlying philosophy of CJ Group, and promote camaraderie among colleagues. On July 21, they had taken some time out to gain some understanding and experience the sharing activities of CJ Group. CJ Group’s spirit of sharing is rooted in its founding philosophy that places emphasis on having impeccable human resources. Establishing a foundation on which the best talents can grow is the biggest priority for CJ, and for that matter, to Korea. We should not fail to illustrate this properly! Today is a very important day on which they will realize the value of human resources in person through sharing activities.

The new employees are coloring the paintings of the artists who are members of Autistar, a social enterprise consisting of autistic designers. The paintings will go into the tumblers they will give to their friends as a gift. While doing so, they are imagining their first encounter with their colleagues. How is it possible to hit it off just right with people they meet for the first time in their life?

“I guess playing games is a good idea.”
“For starters, I think it’s important to share everyone’s names with each other”
“Then, how about using Post-Its to make name puzzles?”

The new employees of CJ group are using their collective intelligence to develop a sense of familiarity as quickly as possible. The transparent sketch is now filled with a rainbow color.

- The new employees of CJ Group become Santa Claus in the middle of summer

“Wow, here we go!” On the bus to their volunteer activities, they let out a burst of excitement. They had been locked up in the training center throughout the last training program, and it was quite a long time since they stepped outside for a breath of fresh air.

That day, a heat wave advisory was issued in Jeju. As it was suffocatingly hot like a sauna, it was difficult to step outside for even a second. However, the bad weather could not stop the passion for sharing. Off to the 25 community child centers in Jeju, including the Yeondong Community Child Center!

Ding dong! As we rang the doorbell, the door opened and we could then hear the cheers of the children. Half filled with anticipation and half filled with excitement about whom they would meet, their face lit up. Although they never met before, the children greeted them as if they knew the new employees for a long time. Although they had various personalities, they were perfectly attractive. When the new employees entered the Yeondong Community Child Center, the first thing they saw was wooden airplanes. The children in the Yeondong Community Child Center are taking woodcraft classes after school from time to time, and making works of art. Their eyes are said to look different when they handle wood.

We were not merely employees of a company that day. We were a teacher to them for one day. We started the game we prepared in hopes that the children would memorize our names quickly. It seemed that it was difficult for them to remember the names of all eight teachers. They tried to solve a confusing name puzzle, and match the names with faces. The teachers also got to know the children at Yeondong Community Child Center. We marveled at all the woodwork made by the children.

What did the children want from the teachers that day? Just having fun playing without thinking! And eating a lot of delicious snacks. But could they overcome the heat wave? So, the new employees of CJ prepared a magical item to help deal with the scorching heat. Raincoats! You may wonder how they could overcome the sweltering heat with the raincoat.

Water guns! ‘Teachers VS Children.’ “Let’s just play without dividing any teams!” The children said. “Teachers, you are children, too!” That’s how the teachers bonded with the children. How did the free water gun fight go?

Now the harmless gun fight began! They were happy even if their makeup became washed away or their raincoats were torn off. The water gun fight truly helped cool down the hot summer. What is more important than dividing teams? Isn’t it the gift of laughter?

“At first, we were worried that we didn’t have any change of clothes, but once we got all wet, we said ‘What the heck?’, and we simply had a great time.”
- Kim Gwan-Yong, a new employee of CJ E&M

The water gun fight lasted until sunset. Now it was time for dinner. The menu featured cold noodles and sweet watermelon prepared by the Yeondong Community Child Center. The children unwrapped the gifts prepared by the teachers. The summer sun that burned like a hot flame was hiding in the shadows. We were sad, but it was time to say goodbye. However, the friends promised to meet each other again.

“At work, I am the youngest. If I go back to work with the fresh feeling I experienced today, I think I can easily adapt.”
- Seon Hyo-Ji, a new employee of CJ Freshway

Sharing activities are a gift we give to ourselves. Cares, worries and troubles melted away in the presence of friendship.

- Sharing activities in various locations in Jeju

The new employees of CJ Group carried out sharing activities in 25 places, including the Yeondong Community Child Center. Community Child Centers embody the true future and hope of Korea. The new employees of CJ Group repaired the facilities and played with the children.

CJ Group’s emphasis on human resources does not simply mean recruiting the best people. Will it be possible to rate the process of transforming the spirit of mutual prosperity and partnership into sharing activities? People are more precious than anything else in the world. The new employees of CJ Group planted the seeds of friendship in Jeju Island together with CJ Donors Camp. Someday, they will not be deemed as ‘new employees’ anymore. It is hoped that the fruits of sharing will extend beyond this first encounter.