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DIA Festival Offers Fun from Beauty Care to Food


On July 15 and 16, 'the 2nd DIA Festival' was held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul as one of Asia’s largest festivals for creators. This festival was attended by creators loved by many fans including the most senior YouTuber, 71-year-old Korea Grandma (Park Mak-Rye), Daedoseokwan, Heopop, Sinnim, and Sunny. It is said that 40,000 spectators gathered, resulting in a great success. Reporter "Tubeokchu" also did not miss out on an opportunity to cover the event. Come along and look back on the festival that was full of creators and fans!

- The DIA Festival dispels a muggy and boring weekend

It was quite a hot and humid weekend. While I was agonizing over the heat and happened across some vital info. It was 'The 2nd DIA Festival' that was being held at Gocheok Sky Dome. The baseball stadium with a roof looked to be just right as I wanted to go somewhere to avoid the sun. So, I headed out quickly as I could to see Korea Grandma Park Mak-Rye, immensely popular on YouTube, and Benz who hosts a popular food show over the internet.

- Asia's largest MCN festival! 'DIA Festival'

▲ The place of the hot 'DIA Festival' which drew 40,000 people in just two days!

A hot 'DIA Festival' fever gripped spectators, many of whom were teenagers. I could distinctly feel the strong presence of the *'C Generation' who not only watches others’ content but feels a big boost from creating their own content and communicating with others about it.

It is not surprising that the newly-emerging MCN (multi-channel network) industry is now turning heads. The DIA Festival was co-hosted by DIA TV, one of CJ E&M's creator support projects, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korea Creative Content Agency. The DIA Festival brings together over 140 leading Korean creators, each of whom has anywhere from 1 to 50 million fans, and 30 global creators from the United States, China, Thailand and Taiwan among others, all in one place. * C generation: Content generation

- A new world of fun from beauty care to food shows

Without question, the beauty of the DIA Festival is to walk to various stages including the DIA Stage, which is the main stage. The stages included showcases of games, music, beauty care, entertainment, food and kids. Suddenly, I found myself running among teenagers to grab a good seat in the first row in Beauty Studio.

▲ Where can I see "Calary Girl"?

" Wow! So gorgeous! "

The loud cheering proved her immense popularity. She is beauty creator, 'Calary Girl'. She is famous for giving many good tips in everyday life such as beauty care, hair care, nail art. Calary Girl looks pretty no matter what makeup she applies to her face. On this day, she wore bright pink and brilliant makeup that was perfect for broadcasting! I was so eager to learn how to apply makeup via the Calary Girl channel.

One lucky individual from the audience was able to feel the magical hands of Calary Girl on the stage. She said that she came from Canada and usually does not apply too much makeup. Calary Girl put light makeup on her face as she asked her to put some eye makeup on her face. The emphasis of the class was to focus on individuals’ best attributes without overstating.

▲ Benz seems almost willing to eat everything including his fork!

Although you might not know much about MCN, you may have seen the "Benz Food Show" at least once. The first hero to take the stage was Benz, known for eating 10 bowls of jjajangmyeon, 10 hamburgers and 5 pieces of fried chicken in one sitting. Benz hosted a food show featuring food from a baseball park such as pizza, fried chicken balls, homemade burgers and napa wraps with pork under the theme of 'baseball park food,' which perfectly matched the setting of 'Gocheok Sky Dome'. It was also nice to see chef Lee Won-Il.

'Benz' said that he deliberately sets his show around lunchtime. The sight of him eating the food made my mouth water! And judging from the faces of the rest of the audience, I wasn’t the only one! It was said that after this food show had come to an end, food kiosks in Gocheok Sky Dome became crowded with people seeking something to eat.

▲ Korea Grandma Park Mak-Rye gives a big shout of "Thank you for coming!” to her fans.

She finally came out. She was none other than Korea Grandma Park Mak-Rye who is very popular on YouTube! Unlike her natural gestures on videos, she looked humble and courteous.
Park hosted the ‘Park Mak-Rye Quiz Show' with her fans. It was amazing to see her fans correctly answer personal questions such as “What is Park’s favorite food?” and “What is the name of Park’s closest friend?” They were really enthusiastic fans of the Korea Grandma. Oh,  Korea Grandma's favorite food is boiled rice with water.

"I will not change my style"

A student who really wanted to meet Korea Grandma also received makeup treatment by her. "I don’t care about the theme," said Korea Grandma, answering the emcee’s question “What kind of theme are you considering in this makeup look?” But even she said so, she touched the fan's face very carefully during the whole makeup process. Korea Grandma hugged each of her fans while giving them boiled corn as a gift on the stage.

▲ Everyone is smiling at children who lifted their hands to play with YURA

An emerging generation of the MCN is children! Among visitors to the DIA Festival were a lot of children who came to the venue with their parents, in addition to teenagers. The creator who received the greatest outpouring of love was the creator of 'Let’s Play YURA'. I was very impressed with the children who took a listen to every word that YURA said. YURA was a true pro at playing with children!

▲ Maybe I can make a random pizza today?

If ‘Let’s Play YURA’ is popular among children, then Honeykki is a hero among students who live away from their parents. Honeykki who gives a lot of tips about cooking to these students made a new effort for the day. It was 'random pizza making', which randomly picks toppings for pizza.

Honeykki had some slight issues such as picking an extremely spicy sauce or not picking cheese, the most important topping for pizza. But fans naturally skipped ingredients they did not want to eat. So, Honeykki was able to make pizza without any big difficulties. As Honeykki’s show was broadcast live, all of sudden, a white dove flew onto Honeykki’s stage, catching everyone by surprise. Nobody still knows where the dove come from. (If anyone knows about the dove, please let me know.)

- Communication and sharing made DIA Festival even more enjoyable!

▲ (Right) Beauty creator Sinnim’s Beauty Brand One Voice Game with fans

A channel which began with a dozen viewers now has one million subscribers. Without the love from fans, there would not have been any creators of DIA TV. Visitors lavished praise on programs with fans and strong communications at the site of the DIA Festival. 

▲ A nice autograph session for fans, Benz (left), a creator of a food show and Overwatch voice actors Kim Hye-Sung & Jin Jung-Ill (right).

Fans were excited and friendly with star creators whom they usually see on TVs and computer monitors, which brought a smile to my face.

▲ A child’s message at CJ Donors Camp Booth warmed my heart.

Meanwhile, a warm wave of donating spirit continued at the booth of CJ Donors Camp. The Toy Sharing Campaign was held for study rooms in Korea and children in rural villages of Vietnam! Those who participated in the campaign had time to donate their own toys with heart-warming notes. Creators such as Heopop, Hey Jini, and Runner donated their valued items and promoted the campaign by posing for selfies with people who participated in this warm-hearted sharing event. They made me feel very happy.

- Feeling the power of independent creators & the MCN at the DIA Festival!

Following last year's 30,000 visitors, the DIA Festival drew over 40,000 spectators this year! I could see many people who were deeply interested in the MCN. The creator channels attracted a lot of attention for their responsiveness and flair for what they have grown famous for.

Just as media has changed from one-way communication to two-way and from the age of consuming content to the age of producing content, the MCN is no longer a subculture but a culture. The festival is now over. But we don’t know when and where a star creator will be born just like Park Mak-Rye who is in her seventies and the most senior creator! As I’m known to have excellent dexterity, maybe I will take part in the DIA Festival as a creator. The name of my channel? How about “Begging for Your Interest”?