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It is said that home shopping sells everything. They say that customers can buy special products, “donation” at CJ O Shopping. CJ O Shopping fundraiser "Order Your Love" has been sharing love for 14 years. Today, CJ O shopping will reveal to you how to buy the most special home shopping products in the world. Let’s buy special "sharing" products together.

- Sharing and donating by phone

CJ O Shopping Fundraising "Order Your Love" is a new donation platform to spread donation culture by taking donation trends into account that change mostly via mobile devices and social media. The TV shopping channel has already been broadcasting the donation show for 147 times. The way to order ‘sharing’ is the same as purchasing a home shopping product. You can place your order anytime, anywhere with a landline or mobile phone. You can then donate 10,000 won by placing an order.

- We Will Start to Tape CJ O Shopping‘s 'Order Your

On June 25, CJ O Shopping will introduce the story of the multicultural family of Wi Hongsha, raising funds. CJ Donors Camp visited the pre-recording scene of the program.

The studio was full of activity and tension. Hosts Kim Bo-Cheon and Jin Hyo-Joo read the script, preparing for recording. Actress Kim Na-Woon, who will introduce the story, rechecked the script several times. She herself corrected the script to better deliver Wi’s story.

- A Sigh Triggered by a Poor Living Environment

At last, they started recording.

The hosts and actress Kim Na-Woon sighed while watching a video about Wi. Wi and three young children’s poor living conditions on the video silenced those in the studio.As the VCR finished playing the video, Host Jin Hyo-Joo began to speak in a trembling voice. The miserable and heart-breaking realities of Wi brought Kim to tears.

- Sharing is a Happy Addiction

"It's been almost 30 years since I debuted. Every time I serve with CJ Donors Camp, I always feel that becoming an actress was a good choice. To me, sharing is a happy addiction."

Kim, a popular actress who usually acts as an aunt in TV shows, has been practicing sharing with CJ Donors Camp since 2008. She says she has been keeping in touch with many children whom she met through CJ Donors Camp.

"When it rains, the children call me and say 'Auntie, be careful when doing a TV drama shoot in the rain today’. Things like this make me feel good,” Kim said.

Kim took care of Da-Eun, Da-Hee and Da-Ho, Wi’s three children whom Kim got to know via this fundraiser. The second daughter, Da-Hee said that she really liked sound books that play songs. So, Kim said that, next time, she will bring some more sound books to Da-Hee.

- Wi, Bravest Mother in the World

Kim Na-Woon, who visited Wi’s home, frequently revealed stories that were not included in the video every time she took a break during the recording. Wi could not easily throw away food from the refrigerator because she wanted to give the food when the children wanted to have it.

"My mom is not laidback at all. She really gripes about throwing away food. She keeps all food as she always wants to give it to her kids when they want something to eat.”

Actress Kim felt sorry, reminding the memory that she had arranged the refrigerator with Wi.

"I am sorry that I cannot hug them more," said Wi when climbing up a dangerous staircase tough for even adult males to climb with her kid on her back several times a day. To Dae-Eun, Da-Hee and Da-Ho, Wi is the bravest person in the world.

"The youngest son, Da-Ho, never had his own shoes before. We were told that Da-Ho did not have any shoes even though he was two years old. "Da-Ho who finally had his own shoes for the first time, showed them off to all photographing crew members. CJ Donors Camp will cheer on Da-Ho so he can play to his heart’s content in his new shoes. 

- On June 25, the Order will be Delivered to You.

Mother Wi needs your support.

At 5:10 pm on June 25, CJ O Shopping will introduce a story of brave mother Wi. How about ordering one of the most unique home shopping products in the world? You can practice sharing by just making one phone call to 1877-0022.

On June 26, July 17 and at 2am on July 24, a sharing broadcast will come to you. It is a special CJ O Shopping sharing product that can be ordered via mobile devices.

‘Sharing’ will be delivered to your homes at 5:10 pm on June 25.