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100 Sharing Heroes Make Special Baby Coats


- 100 Sharing Heroes Make Special Baby Coats

On May 27, 100 people gathered at CJ HumanVille Human Hall and made special gifts. Sons and daughters made “Baenaet Jeogori” (a coat for a baby) with their mothers and fathers.

There are many people who are unfamiliar with the word “Baenaet Jeogori.” The unique name is derived from the meaning of a jacket which a baby wears inside the mother’s body. This is because it is the first suit a baby wears as soon as the baby is born into the world. It is a traditional article of clothing made of cotton or silk so that the baby will not suffer from prickly heat.

Baenaet Jeogori made by a whole family is even more special. These coats made on this day will be donated to a welfare facility for single mothers. 100 sharing heroes rose to the challenged to extend their blessings to mothers and babies.

- Sharing activities are so fun

The coat made of white cloth has the nickname "clothes without eyes and nose" because the coat has its body, sleeves and a breast tie. A person painted a cute baby deer on one of these coats. Volunteers prepared not only the coats but scarf bibs used as napkins or scarves and baby lovey dolls. Volunteers painted the faces of the baby lovey dolls, making their sharing activities more meaningful. The highlight of these gifts is handwritten letters with hearts of blessing.

-  Master of traditional Korean dress becomes master of sharing

Kwak Kyung-Hee gladly participated in the sharing activities for workers and young people who do not possess good sewing skills. Kwak is a master of Hanbok (traditional Korean attire) and has been operating a Hanbok store for 30 years in Bulgwang-dong. Every year, Kwak has donated hundreds of baby coats to welfare facilities for single mothers. Her contribution efforts began 12 years ago.

Kwon, who was operating the hanbok store, said she entered a university late. One day, she visited a welfare center for single mothers for student volunteer activities.  She felt sad as she saw the gloomy faces of single mothers there because people had looked down at them with cold eyes simply because they were single mothers. Kwak said that there were many unmarried mothers who already decided to have their babies adopted.

But a small miracle happened after Kwak took the time to make baby coats with single mothers. Single mothers began to feel the size of their unborn babies through baby coats.

"Baby, this coat is for you."

Kwak saw a single mom who had decided to have her baby adopted change her mind to raise her baby herself. The single mom’s decision made Kwak decide to continue to make baby coats for single mothers and their babies. Volunteers for the production of baby coats began with three people and now total over 100.  CJ employees who made baby coats, scarf bibs, and baby lovey dolls with other volunteers were sharing heroes who practice the value of sharing with Kwak.

- Sharing + sharing = Happiness

Sharing activities left a small but a touch feeling on the hearts of volunteers. It is like people who gave gifts actually received gifts of their own. Sharing heroes’ efforts will not stop. It is a funny twist of irony that the more we share, the happier we become.