CJ takes initiative in work-life balance


CJ takes initiative in building another innovative
corporate culture including support
for work-life balance

- Mapping out a plan for work-life balance and supporting pregnancy and childbirth

First, CJ Group devised a plan to realize work-life balance that has emerged as a social issue. CJ employees can take a leave of absence for one month before and after enrolling their children in elementary schools when parental care is generally most needed. Employees can take a paid parental leave for two weeks regardless of gender, and then two more weeks off without pay. Thus, employees can take care of their children at home for up to one month. In addition, a new system was created to diminish employees’ working hours by two when they need to take special care of their children.

As for pregnancy and childbirth, the group will give employees support exceeding statutory standards. Parental leave (for childbirth involving the spouse of an employee) was expanded to a two-week paid leave from a leave of five days (three paid days and two unpaid days). Employees can apply within one month after childbirth. Pregnant workers can work two hours less a day by adding 8 weeks between the 12th week and the 36th week of their pregnancy to the "Working Time Reduction Plan for Pregnant Employees," which were formerly applied only within 12 weeks and after 36 weeks of their pregnancy.

- Expansion of opportunities for employees to take on global challenges

In order to strengthen global employees’ global visions, CJ Group has also launched the 'Global Knock' and 'Global Voyage' programs.

Global Knock is a program that allows employees to apply for a global training leave for up to six months for language training, global job training and experience. Employees can strengthen their global competence through self-directed training plans rather than following company-provided training programs. All employees who worked for five years or longer are eligible for the program.

Global Voyage will start this year as a global training program for all new managers in the group. More than 800 new managers of the group promoted this year will train themselves in countries where their companies are doing business.

- Creating a flexible work environment and creative organizational atmosphere

▲ The headquarters of CJ Group in Namsan

CJ also provides various support measures to create a flexible work environment and a creative organizational atmosphere. First, the group introduced the "Creative Leave" system that allows employees to have a sabbatical of up to one month for recharging and self-development every five years. Employees can take four weeks’ leave every five years. The aim is to allow employees to have an opportunity for self-development and think creatively through various experiences during long vacations.

In addition, CJ will operate a flexible work hour system to allow employees to freely adjust their working time based on eight hours of work a day, and a campaign to prohibit giving work orders via mobile texts and KakaoTalk after work and on weekends.

In addition, CJ Group will begin changing its personnel management system with a focus on specialties, roles and performances such as introducing the 'Career Challenge' system through which employees will be able to apply to other jobs in the event that they work at a department or do the same job for a long period of time, and the 'Fast Track' program which empowers an employee to become an executive within ten years after joining CJ Group.

- Achieving Great CJ vision through corporate culture innovation

This innovation of CJ’s corporate culture is based on the fact that chairman Lee Jay-Hyun emphasized that "My dream is to see our employees grow and to build Great CJ through culture and talent" and is an action to spur the realization of “Great CJ,” the group’s vision to attain 100 trillion won in sales in 2020.

"CJ Group took the lead in corporate culture innovation by implementing the use of one single, unified horizontal title and liberalizing its business fashion culture in 2000 for the first time among big business groups in Korea. Based on these moves, the group has realized its rapid growth," said Cho Myeon-Je, head of HR at CJ. “Through this innovation of our corporate culture, we will lead a corporate culture that befits a new era by providing an opportunity to promote our employees’ growth and challenges and building a flexible organizational culture in which autonomy and creativity are respected."

▲ Details of CJ Group’s corporate culture innovation