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THE CJ CUP,path to the stage of dream


for the largest number of Korean golfers to compete in
PGA Tour event

- Total of 78 to participate and eligibility criteria for 18 players except for 60 top FedEx Cup rankers announced
- 'Bridge to Realization' signifies a path to the stage of dreams
- Largest number of Korean golfers expected to participate in history of PGA Tour

Many Korean golf fans are paying close attention to the PGA Tour 'THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES' which is being held for the first time in Korea by CJ Group (chairman Lee Jae-Hyun) this October. In particular, all eyes are on whether Korean male golfers will be able to realize their dreams of playing golf on the world stage through this competition. This is the goal of 'Bridge to Realization' that CJ aims to pursue through its golf tournaments. CJ will provide as many chances as possible so that Korean players will be able to make their dreams come true through the PGA Tour tournament, CJ declared when the group announced the event.

CJ announced the qualifications of 18 participants out of a total of 78 entries excluding 60 top FedEx Cup rankers. A great deal of effort was made to give opportunities to Korean golfers active abroad as well as KPGA golfers so that more prospects will grow. It is expected that the largest-ever number of Korean players will compete in the CJ Cup in the history of the PGA Tour.

The first qualification was applied to Korean players who play in the KPGA. A total of five KPGA golfers will qualify for the event. The winner of the KPGA Championship in June will be given a ticket to play in 'THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES' for the first time. Also, the winner of the Genesis Championship, a new KPGA tournament of the season, and the top three Genesis point leaders will be given tickets to the CJ Cup. The top three Genesis point leaders will be announced on October 2. In this regard, "It is quite significant in that a total of 20 Korean players will be able to participate in the regular PGA Tour where the best players in the world compete,” said Yang Hwee-Boo, chairman of the KPGA. “I am confident that this tournament will be a catalyst for the rapid development of Korean male golfers. Chairman Yang expressed great expectations for the development of Korean golf.

CJ also sealed a deal with the Asian Tour. The tickets will be given to the first ranker overall and the first ranker among Koreans in the Asian tour prize money standings. If a Korean golfer is the first ranker overall, the second ranker among Korean golfers will clinch the ticket. The tickets will be given to the top three Korean golfers in the OWGR rankings. Korean golfers who are able to compete thanks to their FedEx Cup rankings will be excluded from this list. The tickets will be given to the next Korean rankers.

Finally, eight golfers will be invited by the organizer, CJ. One ticket will be given to the winner of a championship for Korean amateur middle and high school golfers in Korea. The seven remaining tickets are expected to be given to legendary PGA golfers or Korean golfers.

At the moment, up to 20 Korean golfers can participate in the CJ Cup. Kim Si-Woo, who won the recent Players Championship, which is known as the fifth major tournament, actually caught his ticket to the CJ Cup by elevating his FedEx Cup ranking to the 22nd spot. In addition to Kim Si-Woo, 29th-ranked Kang Sung-Hoon is also likely to qualify to compete in the event. Also, An Byeong-Hun and Noh Seung-Yul, who are currently ranked within the top 100 in the FedEx Cup standings, are highly likely to obtain the tickets to the CJ Cup. So, it is expected that the number of participating Korean golfers will further increase.

"We have been putting forth efforts to help Korean golfers achieve their dreams of advancing to the world stage through our competition. We hope that dreams will be realized in the first regular season tournament of the PGA Tour in Korea where the greatest number of Korean golfers will compete. We ask many golf fans for their strong support and interest in the competition," a CJ representative said.

'THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES' will be held at Club Nine Bridges in Jeju for four days from October 19 to 22.

* Qualification is determined in the order of category classification. If there is a golfer who acquired the ticket to the competition in the upper category, the next player in the sub-category will be qualified.