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musical with THE special audience!


A great time with THE special audience! A review of the musical

A special audience came to witness , a musical currently on stage in Daehangno that is receiving an outpouring of critical acclaim. 130 members of senior groups in Namyangju, Siheung and Pyeongtaek of Gyeonggi-do. It was part of the ‘Gyeonggido Senior Culture Tour’ co-hosted by CJ Culture Foundation and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization. The musical was all the more enjoyable to watch together with the special audience.

"Daehangno visited by a special audience!"

On April 8, a great deal of senior citizens gathered together in front of CJ Azit Daehangno. They were a special audience who came to watch the musical . There was an air of expectation among the senior citizens waiting to watch the musical . The musical is now going viral thanks to its exciting numbers and satires filled with laughter. I could see them all enter CJ Azit Daehangno in excitement.

The ‘Gyeonggido Senior Culture Tour’ provides an opportunity for a culture tour involving senior citizens who have relatively fewer opportunities to deeply enjoy culture and tourism. The audience carefully reviewed their pamphlets for information on the musical before the performance began.

"Great fun with even greater reactions!"

The performance together with the special audience was also a special moment for the actors and actresses on the stage. The audience showed greater responsiveness than in any other performances. The theater resounded with a storm of applause that almost felt as if it could bring the house down, and the audience added to the amusement with their lively cheers.

▶Do you wish to learn more about what went on during the performance of the musical ? (http://bit.ly/2inEhCJ)

The actors appearing in the musical also put on a more heightened and energetic performance than ever. During the curtain call, they expressed their gratitude to the special audience who visited the musical in a special way, and exhibited deep bows to the seniors in the audience.

"A truly special event to remember!"

After the performance was over, the actors appearing in the musical held a special event. They gave presents to those in the audience who came from afar. Those who picked a lucky number were fortunate enough to receive a present. The actors who passed out the presents seemed even happier than the senior citizens on the receiving end.

The musical , together with a special audience, ended in great success. CJ Azit Daehangno theater was filled with a happy, exhilarating and delightful sense of passion. Thanks to the special audience members who projected the greatest responsiveness, the Daehangno Culture Tour was even more meaningful. CJ Culture Foundation will continue to take the lead in helping more people enjoy culture.