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Publishes a storybook 《A Room Where Dreams Grow》!


'The squares, going towards the circle,
exclaim to the world about dreams, love and courage.'

Hoping that all children near and far can grow strong and healthy with equal opportunities right now, not just in the distant future
Over the years, the CJ Donors Camp has been providing various educational opportunities necessary for the healthy growth of children, e.g. academics, cultural experiences and career exploration, to over 4,300 study rooms (community child centers, group homes, etc.) in the country. And last year, it started the ‘Stories I Want to Tell’ Dream Building Literary Contest to listen to the sincere stories and dreams of children evolving in the study rooms. This year, the CJ Donors Camp received a total of 708 stories through the contest, selected stories about children and us, compiled them under the theme of dreams, love and courage, and published the CJ Donors Camp storybook 《A Room Where Dreams Grow》.
What do the dreams, love and courage in the hearts of children look like?
Through the stories included in the CJ Donors Camp storybook 《A Room Where Dreams Grow》, which reveals honest stories told by the children and youths of this era about their dreams and talents, we will give you the answer.

- Dream: My heart starts pounding! Things that I want to do every day -

The minute I heard the theme ‘Stories I Want to Tell,' I felt that I must draw a picture about my dream.
But when I heard that I won a prize, I felt my heart skip a beat.

Choi Yeon-Woo, a 6th grader in elementary school, dreaming of becoming a webtoonist, loves drawing so much that she never hesitates to proudly claim "I am a cartoonist." She says that she is happiest when she draws pictures and eats. She says she has drawn more than 17 notebooks of pictures. She likes cartoonist Cho Seok’s and SIU’s , and she says that her dream is to draw a fantasy webtoon with a lot of characters.
As she does not have a tablet or computer at home, she takes pictures of the drawings on paper with her smartphone, uploads it to the app, and colors them. Her parents believe that Yeon-Woo may one day have a dream other than cartooning, but she says that her parents will someday recognize her passion for her dream of becoming a webtoonist.

- Love: A warm and kind heart -

I am sorry that I wasn’t nice, grandma. I love you. I miss you a lot.
When I grow up, I will go visit you.

Kim Won-Yeong, a first-grader in elementary school, who expressed his longing for his grandma who went back to Vietnam, in a picture diary, is warm-hearted and very meticulous. He likes to observe insects, and describes what he observed in great detail. He thinks carefully and somewhat slowly before answering a trivial question, and his sheepish smile gives him an added charm.
His grandma in the picture diary returned to Vietnam because her visa expired. But his father told him that 'She returned to Vietnam because you and your brother were not nice to her’. Won-Yeong promises himself that he will make sure that his brother will not harass his grandma when she comes back. His love for his grandma and his family makes us smile like the smiling sun in his drawing.

- Courage: The power helping you take a step closer to the world -

Hearing that I would receive a prize, I thought it couldn’t be true.
I was glad, but I wondered 'Why?' I am a bit embarrassed too.

An angel and a devil reside in me at the same time?
Yoo Bin, a 9th grader in middle school, who drew a witty self-portrait, is said to be very curious. When the teacher told her to draw a self-portrait, Yoo Bin thought of a cartoon character who has both the wings of an angel and a devil at the same time because the blood of an angel and a devil is mixed in its body.
She said that she felt the same way as the cartoon character who was tormented by the conflict between the angel and the devil. In particular, she drew the picture thinking of moments when she loses her temper and gets angry in certain situations, and she regrets it almost immediately, but she cannot control her temper even though she clearly knows that she must. When she asked "Maybe I will be able to control my temper when I grow up, right?" we can feel that she is being honest about herself and very considerate about people around her.
To be able to talk about our weaknesses and admit our mistakes, we must have true courage. Yoo Bin seems to clearly understand the importance of this.

- Dreams, love and courage for healthy growth -

The CJ Donors Camp has been supporting various experiences through its educational sharing project so that the children in study rooms can learn about not only school subjects, but also the important values of life. Among them, the storybook focuses on dreams, love and courage, the essential values of life necessary for the healthy growth of children.

First of all, a dream determines the direction in which children must go, and helps them not to lose balance even if they waver in the process. And love gives wings to dreams. A dream without love is likely to be an empty dream. Love enables you to do things that you cannot do alone. On the other hand, courage is the first step towards overcoming all challenges. To go out into the world as we step outside of our comfort zone, we must overcome fear first.
The CJ Donors Camp hopes that the educational sharing project will enable the children in the community child centers (study rooms) to discover their own dreams and the values of life through diverse experiences.


In addition to the stories of children we introduced to you today, more interesting and warmer stories of our children are in . As these stories cannot fit into a single book, we published two volumes: the First Story ‘Tell us your stories’ and the Second Story ‘Two clasped hands together are warm.’
To the children, the study room is another home and school. They not only study, but also evolve their dreams and personalities. It is not an exaggeration to say that the dreams, love and courage of the children who are growing so well are evolving in the study rooms where they spend the longest amounts of time. Since its foundation in 2005, the CJ Donors Camp has seen this process for 12 years together with study rooms around the country. And to share this tremendous experience with more people, we are publishing
Are your dreams, love and courage growing well?
You may as well look back while reading