Dream Building Creativity School mentor Lee Mi-Ran


The first step towards her dream. Attain a fresh outlook through the virtuous circle of sharing!

Dream Building Creativity School is CJ Donors Camp’s representative educational project that provides youths with opportunities to experience creative activities in cultural and industrial fields so that they can explore their future and career. Many teenagers discover their dreams and translate it into reality through the Dream Building Creativity School. But is it just the teenagers who realize their dreams through the school?

Hearing that a collegiate mentor, who worked as a mentor in the fashion section of the Dream Building Creativity School in 2015 and served as a mentor to teenagers, realized her dream, CJ Donors Camp sought her out immediately. Here, we will talk about our pleasant encounter with Lee Mi-Ran who realized her dream through the school!

"Realizing the dream of becoming a teacher"

Lee Mi-Ran realized her dream and became a teacher in March. She still finds it a little difficult to relate to the level of the children in class, but as they are always active and answer her questions very well, she is always happy whenever she teaches them.

The first thing that came to her mind when she was assigned to the school was ‘I hope that the children will accomplish their goals for this year before graduating.’ Thinking that it is important to accomplish the goals they set for themselves, Lee Mi-Ran asked the children on the first day of school to text her their goals they want to accomplish this year. Despite her busy schedule, she found time to make a dream board so that the children will be motivated to accomplish their goals.

“As a dream is ambiguous and shapeless, we often get discouraged. But whenever that happened, I wrote down my dream in every place I laid my eyes on, for example, my diary, my cell phone and the door of my room, to motivate myself. Whenever I saw my memos, I could keep moving forward again towards my dreams by telling myself ‘Ah, I remember these dreams.’ Likewise, I hope that the children will remain motivated on their way to their own dreams.”

"Dream Building Creativity School let her take the first step towards realizing her dream."

Lee Mi-Ran interacts so well with the children in class that it is hard to believe that she became a teacher. I was so impressed. She said the secret to getting along well with the children naturally and comfortably is her mentoring experience at the Dream Building Creativity School. 

“When I had an interview at the Dream Building Creativity School, I remember that I said, ‘My dream is to teach children at school.’ I experienced many other volunteer activities, but the school enabled me to plan the curriculums the way I wanted. I really liked it because autonomy was guaranteed. Thanks to that experience, now I am not unfamiliar with setting up the curriculums as a teacher. In particular, the mentoring experience enabled me to interact with the children and look at fashion from their viewpoint, and I am sure that experience is now paying off well.”

In the Dream Building Creativity School, she acted as a mentor to the children, but she was always amazed by the fact that the children had fresher viewpoints than her, the mentor. Every time she saw the children who were not bogged down in theoretical limitations when looking at fashion, Lee Mi-Ran could also remove limitations from the way she looked at fashion.

“I imparted theoretical knowledge to the children, and they, in turn, let me look at fashion from a new perspective. Dream Building Creativity School mentoring made me realize that the boundary between the mentor and the mentee is very ambiguous. The children became my mentor on many occasions.”

Lee Mi-Ran and the children shared their knowledge with each other. She experienced this virtuous circle in person. The virtuous circle of sharing at the school, i.e. sharing whatever they had enabled her to grow closer to realizing her dreams. It was a very precious opportunity for her.

"To children who are dreaming"

She says she is somewhat bothered when children think that dreams should be something very big, and they cannot realize their dreams, and so they never pursue their dreams. To the youths who do not have any dreams, and who think a dream is just a dream, she wants to say that ‘a dream is not something that is far away and it’s not overly daunting.’
“I am sad when people say ‘I don’t have a dream,’ or ‘My dream will never come true’ when they cannot realize their dream right away. When you realize the small dreams right in front of you, these small dreams are amassed and become a big dream. I hope that the children will never think that they don’t have a dream, but start writing down the small dreams they can realize, and motivate themselves.”

She went on to say that it would be great if the children would meet many people in the wider world. In the same way she came closer to her dreams through the Dream Building Creativity School, she hopes that the children will seize every opportunity that comes their way, and become a person with a broad perspective without being restricted by their majors or departments.

Lee Mi-Ran realized her dream of becoming a teacher through Dream Building Creativity School mentoring activities. She said a lot of things, but I was most impressed when she said that she could learn new perspectives on fashion through the mentees, and they acted as her own mentors.
She says that she learned naturally about the virtuous circle of sharing when she and the children shared what little they had. She is now delivering the virtuous power she gained through sharing in society to the children.

Children, teenagers, and collegiate mentors who supported their dreams grew together in the Dream Building Creativity School.
The CJ Donors Camp will always open up various opportunities so that all dreamers can realize their dreams, and go out into the world and become the heroes in the virtuous circle of sharing and great persons who exercise good influence.