TousLesJours Launches Product for Month of Family


'Show your thanks and respect with Tous Les Jours’s Hidden Heart'
- Tous Les Jours will launch 20 products such as cakes and pound and roll cakes under the theme of ‘Hidden Heart.’

a fresh bakery brand of CJ Foodville (CEO Jung Moon-Mok), will launch a product exclusively for May, the month of family.

Tous Les Jours's product for the month of family is characterized by the use of a sensible and impressive element in product design with the concept of 'Hidden Heart'. The product packaging has carnation illustrations which maximize a warm feeling and carnations drawn on gift boxes, such as those for roll cakes, can be peeled off and used as boutonnieres or bookmarks.

The representative product is “Hidden True Heart” which is a fun and impressive pink strawberry cake whose core is studded with heart-shaped jellies and pink chocolate balls. If you cut a moist mini pound cake, the section will show 'Hidden Heart Pound' which is a heart shaped red velvet pound cake perfect to show your love.

Cakes decorated with the gaiety of seasonal flowers attract a great deal of attention. 'Flower Heart to Deliver Love' is filled with flower-shaped cream and is gorgeous and luxurious. ‘Carnation Which Delivers Thanks' is ideal for expressing appreciation and respect.

In addition to this, there is a wide selection of seasonal products as the company will launch approximately 20 products such as 'Duet Pound', which is a bundle of a moist pound cake with dried fruits and a chocolate pound cake, and 'Love-Filled Gift Set' which contains a Jeju tangerine sponge cake and Dorayaki. The price range varies from 10,000 won (roll cake) to 30,000 won (gift set).

"We developed products with a focus on reasonable pricing and practical value for the month of family," a Tous Les Jours representative said. "We hope that customers will express deep gratitude and strong respect for their parents and teachers with these products."
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