CJ Freshway Differentiates in Kids’ Food Market


CJ Freshway (CEO: Moon Jong-Suk), a company specializing in the distribution of food ingredients and the catering service of the CJ Group, has set out to differentiate itself with a 'kids’ education culture experience service' that adds fun to supplying healthy foodstuffs in the infant food ingredient market.

CJ Freshway signed a business agreement with Genius Box Co., a specialist in educational programs for infants and young children on April 21 (Fri) and will provide educational contents such as creativity, mathematics, performance, art and safety at day care centers of corporate customers and companies among others.

The company is planning to offer various programs that match children's levels to provide enjoyable entertainment -- movable fairy tale musical theaters, kids’ traditional Korean music concerts, sand art shows, play-type experience and education programs.

"Simply relying on the distribution of healthy and safe food products in the infant food market cannot ensure strong competitiveness," said an official from the Kids’ Food Sales Strategy Team of CJ Freshway. "Tentative events were well received by parents and kindergarten teachers as children concentrated on the events and showed positive responses about them."

Moreover, CJ Freshway is planning to expand services for infants and toddlers such as tours of CheilJedang Factory and Tooniverse Studio, the use of screening halls of CGV theaters, VIPS Cooking Class and Ainuri Nutrition Academy by utilizing synergy among CJ Group affiliates.

On the other hand, CJ Freshway has been operating ‘Ainuri,’ a kids’ food ingredient brand, which has undergone hygienic and safety checks at a level higher than that of existing food products since 2014, and is also making every effort to supply healthy food by supplying 'Achim Maru', a premium eco-friendly agricultural product brand of NH Nonghyup.