CJ Freshway helps small merchants


According to Korea's Social Indicators released by the Statistics Korea on March 23, 90.6 out of 100 Koreans are now using smartphones. As smartphone users increase rapidly, consumers who visit restaurants are mainly finding them by utilizing mobile searches.

Consumers' consumption patterns are moving toward mobile devices, but small and medium-sized restaurants have been having difficulty building their smartphone homepages because of cost burdens.

CJ Freshway (CEO Moon Jong-Suk), a company specializing in the distribution of food ingredients and group meal service of the CJ Group, has decided to offer a free service to build smartphone homepages to address such problems of merchants operating small and medium-sized restaurants with ZeroWeb (CEO Lee Jae-Hyun).

On March 31 (Friday), the two companies signed a business agreement to support small and medium-sized merchants in order to increase their sales and competitiveness.

This agreement signed for the purpose of promoting win-win growth with small and medium-sized restaurants will ensure the building of smartphone homepages of these restaurants as well as approximately 550 franchise headquarters and 6,600 franchise outlets doing business with CJ Freshway. In addition, updates and other maintenance services will be provided at no cost.

Furthermore, the agreement will provide a real-step system (service name 'ZeroWeb') that provides site selection, site analysis, and analysis of potential offline customers based on real-time floating population data.

Small and medium-sized restaurants can utilize the real-step service as marketing means such as flyer distribution, coupon provision, and events for customers when the floating population is at its peak.

"Small and medium-sized merchants offering food services are facing many difficulties due to the economic recession affecting Korea. By building smartphone homepages and providing real-step services, we hope to help small and medium-sized restaurants build their competitive edges by means of more strategic marketing activities," said Moon Jong-Suk, CEO of CJ Freshway.

With an eye towards boosting win-win growth with small and medium-sized restaurants, CJ Freshway has not only provided information on trends in the restaurant industry to food service companies that seek or scale up their franchised restaurants nationwide but also have mapped out cost-cutting plans, shared new menus and recipes and proposed secondary brands among others as incubating activities for them.

"Mobile homepages have become an essential marketing tool in accordance with consumers' changing purchasing trends," said a representative of Seoraester, a company which operates Seorae Galmaegi, a restaurant franchise. “However, it costs a lot of money to build mobile homepages of a franchise headquarters and more than 300 merchants nationwide. This time, we will receive a free mobile homepage service through CJ Freshway. Thus, we expect to carry out more active marketing activities without cost concerns about our mobile homepage."

“Most importantly, we can receive reservations from customers through our mobile homepage. The mobile homepage tells us when we are busy with many customers and what menu offerings are popular at the moment. Accordingly, we can provide better customer services by building more efficient store management and sales strategies based on mobile homepage data," the representative said.

On the other hand, ZeroWeb is expanding the contact points between small and medium-sized merchants and customers through the spread of mobile web services and taking the lead in creating virtuous cycle-based ecosystems by building a system which helps enable accurate and efficient management by way of self-analysis, management and strategy establishment based on databases.

Photo caption: Moon Jong-Suk (left), CEO of CJ Freshway can be seen signing a business agreement with Lee Jae-Hyun (right), CEO of ZeroWeb.