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Kim Si-Woo’s Prospects to Build Their Dreams



For many years, CJ Group has been focusing on developing the domestic golf industry and fostering prospects.

In October of last year, the group announced that it will hold 'THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES,' a PGA TOUR regular season tournament and act as a bridge through which Korean golf prospects realize their dreams in accordance with the tournament concept of 'Bridge to Realization.' CJ Group held a meaningful event for Korean golf prospect Kim Si-Woo (21, Logistics) who will compete in the Masters Golf Tournament for the first time to meet young Korean golf prospects.

Kim Si-Woo, along with his sponsor CJ Logistics, selected Korean high school golf prospects who hope to watch the Masters Golf Tournament. The final three students will go to Augusta, Georgia, where the Masters will be held and watch one of the best golf contest in the world for a week. In particular, one of the three will be given a special opportunity to participate as Kim Si-Woo’s caddy in the 'Masters Par 3 Event' held on April 5 (local time). The Masters, which celebrated its 80th anniversary this year, is famous for being an event that is challenging for golfers to take part in and for general spectators to get tickets due to restrictions on ticket purchasing as the event is run by an invitation system.

Kim Si-Woo and a prospective high school student will participate as a team in the Masters' Par 3 Event, which is famous for its storied tradition and diversity of notable golfers. Most of the golfers who take part in the Par 3 Event select their family members or mentor as their caddies and form lasting memories. Kim Si-Woo accepted a proposal to use one of the three prospects as a caddy to help instill dreams and hopes in young Korean golfers.

"I hope that this year's participation will help young Korean golfers to experience the world's best golf tournament and become golfers who attempt to take the world stage," a CJ Group official said. "We will make an effort to make 'THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES' successful by creating an opportunity for struggling Korean male golfers to ascend to the next level".

"I think that role models are playing very important roles in giving young golfers dreams and hopes. I felt a great sense of responsibility while watching young golfers build dreams and trying hard to become better golfers. The sight of them compelled me to feel that I have to do something for them too,” Kim Si-Woo said. “It is quite meaningful for me to take part in my first Masters with young Korean golf prospects. I hope that they will watch and learn more and grow into a better golfer than I am."