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CJ Freshway Launches PB Dessert Products Loaded


CJ Freshway Launches PB Dessert Products Loaded with Refreshing Fruits

CJ Freshway (CEO Moon Jong-Seok), a company specializing in group meals and foodstuffs distribution of CJ Group, launched three private brand (PB) products based on fruits – “Itswell Pocket Popcorn Strawberry,” “Itswell Roll Cake Loaded with Apple” and “Itswell My Little Tangerine Tart” for the coming spring.

Itswell Pocket Popcorn Strawberry is compact and suitable for picnics. White chocolate and strawberry syrup on the crisp surface brings out sweetness and freshness. Itswell Roll Cake Loaded with Apple has not only a fruit flavor but also apple pulp hidden in cream which creates a chewy texture. Also, the flour used in the cake is 100% homegrown, which will help make people healthy.

Itswell My Little Citrus Tarts is a perfect blend of soft and savory cream cheese and fresh tangerine puree. The product with a subtle sweet tangerine smell can be enjoyed by people all ages and also contains homegrown wheat and citrus puree.

The three products will be supplied to schools and day care centers as meals and can also be purchased through CJ Freshway's online mall (CJfreshmall.com).

"The three new PB products are suitable to be used as snacks for adults as well as children in the spring when picnics and outings begin increasing as they are loaded with fresh fruits,” said a representative of CJ Freshway’s Product Development Headquarters. “We will develop more seasonal products and launch them for more various customers in the future.”

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