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CJ O Shopping exclusively offers brands of EMG


CJ O Shopping exclusively offers brands of EMG, an association of Italian luxury goods designers

CJ O Shopping accelerates its premiumization strategy for the fashion category by launching brands of EMG, an association of leading designers representing Italy, a first in the distribution industry.

Signed an MOU with EMG for selling goods of five EMG brands for the next three years

▲ An Italian leather artisan and former Gucci designer Davide Albertario is introducing the AGNES brand, which will be launched at CJ O Shopping.

CJ O Shopping signed an MOU with EMG of Italy on February 10 for the supply of products of five EMG brands (Davide Albertario, Ape Regina, FAP Italia, E.Marinella and Stamerra) for the next three years.

EMG is an association of Italian luxury leather goods designers that was founded in the 19th century. Currently, EMG has a total of 11 brands, including Davide Albertario which was created by a former Gucci designer and Marinella, a brand well known for its neckties for presidents and kings and as a sponsor of the famous James Bond series.

EMG completed its organization as a modern cooperative in 2007 and has since been engaged in the retail and licensing business of its own brands, while currently operating factories in Milan, Florence and Naples.

The brands of EMG, which is an association of leather artisans making Italian luxury brand goods such as bags and accessories, are also recognized in Italy by acquiring Italian manufacturing association certification, Italian government support certification and Italian employment certification.

Under a business agreement made with EMG, CJ O Shopping will present five out of 11 EMG brands from March. The products include three bags of Davide Albertario, two bags of Ape Regina, men's belts of FAP Italia, scarfs and neckties of E.Marinella and women's jewelry of Stamerra.

Premium goods satisfying both quality and price

스테메라(STAMERRA) 액세서리 제품

▲ Stamerra accessories to be launched by CJ O Shopping in April

By signing a contract directly with an Italian local cooperative offering cost-effective deals, CJ O Shopping could secure a competitive edge in the competition of premiumization in the fashion category and will be able to offer premium Italian brand products with rarity to consumers.

"Quality subsidiary materials, selected premium leather and the world's best leather crafting are the values that Italian leather artisan have adhered to for a long time and values that cannot be replaced by automation," said EMG president Emiliano Gregory. "Home shopping is very exceptional to us and we will consider deeply about the leather industry which will lead the Korean home shopping market."

Having striven to develop exclusive products to differentiate itself from other home shopping companies, CJ O Shopping plans to present a variety of fashion accessories from EMG brands and also seek to develop new brands of jewelry and accessories including bags and expand production sourcing (OEM, ODM) through the seven factories of EMG.

CJ O Shopping will offer more trusted high-quality products to consumers through the direct contract with the association in Italy, the home of luxury goods. CJ O Shopping will continue to develop new business models in the home shopping industry by continuously developing products and expanding lineups.