Convey Your Heart’s Feelings with AR Messages


Hotter than Hot: Convey Your Heart’s Feelings with AR Messages
this Valentine’s Day
Tous Les Jours Holds an AR Confession Event

The whole world has gone crazy about augmented reality (AR) games; people all around the world are enamored by the charm of AR reality, which enables them to experience things that are not possible in reality.

Freshness-filled bakery Tous Les Jours ( has also joined in on the craze. Tous Les Jours announced on the 6th that in celebration of the coming Valentine’s Day-White Day season, it will hold an event in which AR blends with its products.

Tous Les Jours has also launched its own app called “Tous Les Jours Play,” which allows users to send AR messages using the bakery’s Valentine's Day products.

It works like this: the gift sender purchases a Valentine Day’s product and sends a confession message to the gift receiver through Tous Les Jours Play. Then, when the gift receiver runs their Tous Les Jours Play app and scans the product, they can see the sender’s witty AR video message. Each product features a unique video that provides surprising fun, such as a lively video in which as a lid opens, heart symbols and chocolate images come out and pop with a peppy sound.

You can participate in the event by purchasing one of Tous Les Jours’ 10 Valentine’s Day products. The event will last until March 14. You can check which products are eligible for entry into the event at the Tous Les Jours website or in the Tous Les Jours Play app (

An official from Tous Les Jours announced, "For your Valentine’s Day love confessions to be conveyed even more impressively, we will offer products and an event created in collaboration with French illustrator Jean Jullien. We hope that this AR event, which will give you a sense of fun and connect with you in reality, will make your Valentine’s Day a sweet and magical one."