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Tune Up 17th Class! The Final Showcase Event


The Final Gateway to Become Members of the Tune Up 17th Class! The Final Showcase Event

CJ Culture Foundation's Tune Up is a music competition show that supports musicians. In 2016, the show expanded the scope of its support to include established musicians, in addition to newcomers. Today saw emerging and established musicians become members of the Tune Up 17th class. The members were chosen through the Tune Up 17th class final showcase. I am very curious as to which musicians have been selected. At the final showcase that took place at CZ Azit Gwangheungchang on December 5th, a total of 13 musicians came up on stage. These were the finalists selected from the first half-year and second half-year qualifying showcases. Now, I will provide you with a look back at the event that transpired.

The Tune Up 17th Class Final Showcase Event at CJ Azit Gwangheungchang

The Final Gateway before the Tune Up 17th Class Was Born! It is the final showcase. The teams that competed at the final showcase were chosen from the first half-year and second half-year qualifying showcases. A total of 13 teams came up on stage, including 6 teams from the first half-year showcase and 7 teams from the second half-year showcase. At the final showcase, these teams presented their music through a contest. Many fans gathered at CJ Azit Gwangheungchang early on to root for the musicians. The showcase was an opportunity for the fans to personally experience a variety of music performed by the musicians as well as their on-stage presence.

Here are the 13 musicians who graced the stage of the final showcase. The finalists from the first half-year showcase were a total of 6 teams, namely "Crocodiles," "MeloMance," "Land of Peace," "Narang," "iamnot," and "Choi Camel." Those who competed with them, the finalists from the second half-year showcase, were "Fancy," "New Boy," "Dead Buttons," "Movning," "O.WHEN," and "Kim Ju-Eun." The tension between the finalists was also palpably felt on stage before the competition.

An Explosion of Sweetness on Stage, "MeloMance"

MeloMance sings about sweet love, with its name being a portmanteau of "mellow" and "romance." They are a duo of vocalist Kim Min-Seok and pianist Jeong Dong-Hwan. MeloMance began their career with the release of its first mini album in 2015. Entering the finals, the duo said that they were very pleased because their potential and possibility were of such high caliber. They are growing in popularity based on their strong repertoire of skills and mass appeal.

The first song they played was "The Night," which tells the aching memories of loving someone through simple piano melodies. The piano melodies and the vocalist's voice blended exquisitely, creating an enriching performance. Their second song, "Blushing," expressed shyness that anyone who has had a crush on someone can relate to. The song was rendered in a swing rhythm with a sense of humor, drawing an explosive response from the fans. The musicians and fans enjoying the duo's performance made the stage of the final showcase even more exciting. With their performance, MeloMance took the first step as proud musicians of the Tune Up 17th class.

Fiercely Charismatic, We Are "iamnot"

Seen in the picture is a three-piece rock band called "iamnot," which consists of Lim Heon-Il on guitar and vocals, Kim Jun-Ho on drums, and Yang Si-On on bass. They started playing music under the name "Bremen" in 2007 and went on to pursue their own musical activities in bands such as Mate, Walrus, and Speak Out. iamnot was formed after they decided to play music together again for the first time in 10 years.

The first song they played was "Cut," a ballad of iamnot's own style. The compelling voice in the chorus effectively demonstrated iamnot's unique sensibility. They followed the song with "Psycho," which cleverly expressed their unique rough sound and stylish beats. They said that they would strive to make better music, expressing gratitude to the judge who positively received their music. After a stellar performance on stage, they were selected into the Tune Up 17th class. We can definitely look forward to them giving it their very best in the future.

Bringing the Universe to CJ Azit Gwangheungchang, "Raw by Peppers"

Raw by Peppers are a three-piece rock band that plays shoegaze and alt-rock style music. The band consists of guitarist Kim Ga-On, bassist Lee Jin-Woo, and drummer Lee Gwang-Min. The band's name conveys their will to present totally new renditions of music, with the word "raw" referencing completely new material. Having debuted in April of 2016 with an EP, the band has been endeavoring to offer music imbued with their own colors.

They said that they hope to release a full-length album next year if they succeed in making it to the Tune Up 17th class. Through their final showcase performance, Raw by Peppers sought to captivate the audience as much as they could. The played "Astral Me, Baby," a song where looking up at the night, they pray that the goddess of star will bless everyone. The song oozed abundant emotions and atmosphere to make the listener feel as if floating in space. In "3", they expressed a universe that the three members of Raw by Peppers can create together. Their final showcase performance felt as if they summoned the universe to CJ Azit Gwangheungchang.

The Possessor of a Clear and Sensuous Sound, "Kim Ju-Eun"

Singer-songwriter Kim Ju-Eun, who always seeks to create a positive sound, also presented a highly immersive performance. She played an acoustic guitar and sung in a clear and sensuous voice. She instantly captivated the audience who visited CJ Azit Gwangheungchang.

She said that she was very honored to have made it to the finals, so much so that she didn't feel like she deserved it. Kim Ju-Eun also managed to become a Tune Up 17th class musician. She conveyed her honest feelings without any inhibitions through "Psycho," a song that talked about a viewpoint whereby one sees and hears things different than others do. Kim Ju-Eun's voice shone even more throughout key moments of the chorus. Let's hope that she will excel going forward as a Tune Up musician.

A total of four newcomer musician teams were picked at the Tune Up 17th class final showcase which went on for about three and half hours. The finalists are expected to display various kinds of music as Tune Up 17th class musicians, and you can certainly trust them to do well, including those who graced the stage of the Tune Up 17th class final showcase; such as "Crocodiles", "Fancy", "Land of Peace", "Narang", "New Boy", "Dead Buttons", "Movning", "O.WHEN", and "Choi Camel."

All 13 participating teams presented towering performances. So, let's be sure to give a round of applause for the musicians who showed all their enthusiasm and passion on stage.

In 2016, Tune Up expanded its support to musicians who are not newcomers. As the event was prepared with its line-up of established musicians in secrecy, people's curiosity became piqued. The following is a list of the newcomers and the established musicians selected into the Tune Up 17th class. Let's cheer for the Tune Up 17th class musicians to undertake many vibrant musical activities going forward.

Kim Ju-Eun
Raw by Peppers

[Established Musicians]
Sultan of the Disco
National Pigeon Unity

The Tune Up 17th class is the first Tune Up class to have picked both newcomers and established musicians. Over a year's journey has come to a close. The performances at the contest went beyond fierce competition and bestowed both the musicians and fans the true joy of music. The contest is scheduled to be followed by the Tune Up 17th class members' performances at Korean and overseas festivals, CJ Azit special performances, and in the form of record productions. Please cheer with us at CJ Culture Foundation for the Tune Up 17th class' 4 newcomer teams and 2 established musician teams to reach new heights.