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Unveils 50 New Cakes for the Christmas Season


Tous Les Jours Unveils 50 New Cakes for the Christmas Season

50 new cakes to be unveiled for the Christmas season
Special Christmas cakes from Tous Les Jours that will draw your family closer this winter

- From a "family photo contest" to "cake box decorating," eye-catching online events that can be enjoyed together by all your family members
- Freshness-filled bakery Tous Les Jours will feature 50 Christmas cakes.

The theme of Tous Les Jours this Christmas is "Joyful Family, Joyful Christmas," which is meant to convey the message that the bakery’s Christmas cakes possess a special quality that will tighten the bond between your family. Emphasizing family more than on any other Christmas, most of these Christmas cakes are ones that have been designed with taste and composition in mind so that they can be enjoyed together by all your family members.

Most notable among them are "Joyful Family", which is topped with a chocolate ball into which you can insert the message you wish to deliver to your family, and "Sweet Family Cupcake" which can be savored together by all your family members. These cakes will surely guarantee a fun-filled Christmas holiday season for the whole family. In addition to these, Tous Les Jours will also unveil chiffon cakes and pound cakes such as "Snow Angel Presses Chiffon" and "Rudolph Pound," offering variety in terms of design, size, and taste.

Family events will also take place via online platforms such as the Tous Les Jours website and Instagram; take a picture of your family in Santa masks and post it online to win a dining gift card, and purchase three kinds of stickers (100 won each, sold at Tous Les Jours stores) in order to creatively decorate your cake box with them and become one of the 100 customers to win a mobile voucher that is redeemable for a free cake. For more information, please visit the Tous Les Jours website at (www.tlj.co.kr)

In addition, on December 23 and 24, all CJ ONE members can receive a 20% discount on 23 Christmas cakes at Tous Les Jours stores with their CJ ONE cards or simply by showing the CJ ONE app (Not eligible to be concurrently used with other affiliated discounts.).

An official from Tous Les Jours said, "We made this year's Christmas cakes in hopes that families will gather together and have home parties, reaffirming their love for other." The official also added, "We hope that you will enter our online events with family photos taken at your home parties and create happy memories."