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CJ O Shopping Special Lecture Series


CJ O Shopping Special Lecture Series- Stories of Lucky Breaks in Dream Building Creativity School's Fashion Sector

In the early morning of September 24, 2016, every one of us — all the mentees and mentors— gathered at Sadang Station in excitement and waited for our shuttle bus. Everyone had a happy look on their face that was brimming with excitement like that of an elementary school student before a field trip. We all got on the shuttle bus on time and finally arrived at today's destination, the offices of CJ O Shopping.

“There indeed seem to be countless fashion-related jobs. Previously, I thought you could only work as a designer in fashion. I am excited to see what kinds of dream jobs await me today."

This special lecture series featured lectures by home shopping production developer, which made sense because it was hosted by CJ O Shopping. In a classroom sat mentors and mentees from each school, waiting to have their first "lucky break”. The first one to hold the microphone with a round of applause was Noh Ji-Ho, a veteran production developer who has been working in the field for 16 years and has produced popular TV programs such as Master of Living.  

"Hello, nice to meet you guys. I'm a communicative person."

Rather than using the grandiose word ’Production Developer’, Ji-Ho introduced himself as a person who communicates with others in order to ensure that broadcasts go smoothly.

"Lucky Break"

It would make sense to define production developer Noh Ji-Ho's special lecture with two words, "by chance". The production developer, an architecture major, originally aimed to be an interior designer or architect making use of what he learned in university. However, one day, through a recommendation of an older schoolmate in university, he was given the opportunity to work as a part-timer at a broadcasting site. After the experience, he made up mind to become a production developer. After his lecture, he agreed to do an interview and said that he had some things to say to those studying in the Fashion sector of Dream Building Creativity School.

“What's important is that you try everything you want to do and choose to do what you think you can do well. I think one's dream is relative to one's thirst for challenge. My advice is to not be afraid of new things and experience as many things as you can.” Perhaps he meant to say that, in the end, there is nothing like the spirit of challenge to turn lucky breaks into fateful ones.

After production developer Noh Ji-Ho's special lecture ended, a tour of the offices of CJ O Shopping with production developer Lee Do-Yoon ensued. Lee Do-Yoon, who claimed that he stayed up all night editing before the lecture day, gave a detailed overview of the building layout to the students despite his busy schedule, so that they could have a meaningful time. The studios were chock-full of crew members busily going about their work. Whenever we passed by a studio designated with a red "ON AIR" light, we took a peep inside the studio in wonder and with bated breath, for fear that we might interrupt the broadcast. Nonetheless, the widened eyes of the students and the stunned facial expressions they made in silence clearly conveyed their wonderment and curiosity. At the end of the tour, we were allowed into a studio in the midst of a live broadcast of a home shopping show. The students are on a mission to discover their dreams, and I wonder about how today's experience has helped them broaden the horizons of their dreams.

“My dreams are what keep me going forward. Therefore, I shouldn't lose the initial mindset in which I dreamed my dreams. Without those dreams, I would not be here." The CJ O Shopping tour was wrapped up with a word by production developer Lee Do-Yoon that encouraged Dream Building Creativity School mentees to pursue their dreams.

The Smile Box Project

When the students came back to the classroom after hearing all O Shopping special lectures, they found blank t-shirts lying in front of them. These would be printed with designs created by the mentees and mentors in Dream Building Creativity School's Fashion sector and then sent to children living in Vietnam's Tam Ngan village. The Smile Box Project is a happiness-sharing express delivery project that presents smiles to children and is run by CJ Sharing Foundation. As soon as they received their t-shirts, the students busily started working on their designs. As they created their own, unique designs and added colors, they displayed remarkable levels of sincerity and discreetness.

“The fact there is something that needs my talent moves me greatly," said mentee Yoon Young-Soo in a voice filled with joy.

Watching the t-shirts get finished, I hoped that the student's opportune interest in fashion would not stop at the level of just liking fashion. I hoped that the students' opportune interest would become a fateful opportunity for them to join heart-warming events. I am looking forward to a love-filled future that will be created by students capitalizing on their lucky breaks.