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[OCN] Squad 38's Director Han Dong-Hwa


[OCN] Squad 38's Director Han Dong-Hwa and Main Actor Seo In-Guk Have Been Awarded at Asian TV Drama Conference

The Tax-Collecting Squad, OCN's Squad 38

OCN original drama series Squad 38's director Han Dong-Hwa and main actor Seo In-Guk were awarded at the Asian TV Drama Conference.

At the Asian TV Drama Conference held in Fukuoka, Japan on November 21, OCN TV series Squad 38's director Han Dong-Hwa and main actor Seo In-Guk had the honor of receiving special recognition awards in acknowledgement of their contribution to the advancement of Asian TV dramas. The 11th Asian TV Drama Conference, hosted by the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, will be held until the 24th. It is said that the conference will be participated in by over 150 leading figures who have created popular TV dramas in 8 Asian countries including Korea, China, and Japan.

Squad 38 (directed by Han Dong-Hwa, written by Han Jeong-Hun, and produced by SM C&C) aired its first episode this past June. An excellent blend of a solid plot, meticulous directing, and compelling acting, the TV series garnered the highest viewer ratings in OCN's history and also had big social reverberations because it tackled the socially-relevant subject of tax. Also at this award ceremony, Squad 38 was praised for revealing social issues tackling its unique subject matter, tax, as well as for contributing to the diversity of Korean TV dramas.

"I am glad because this award means that Squad 38, which dealt with the subject of tax which has not been addressed until now, has been recognized in both Korea and Asia as a whole. Going forward, I will do my best to direct TV dramas that can be loved by viewers," said the TV series' director Han Dong-Hwa after winning his special recognition award.

[About the Asian TV Drama Conference]

The Asian TV Drama Conference (ATDC) aims to lay a foundation for creating Asian TV dramas that can be competitive in global markets by uniting writers and producers in Asia. The first iteration of the conference was held in 2006 in Busan, South Korea. For the past ten years, ATDC has served as a space for communication and interaction between writers and producers who lead TV drama production sites all over Asia, and ATDC is also cementing its place as Asia's biggest conference dedicated to TV dramas.