Let's All Have a Steak Party at VIPS This Winter


Let's All Have a Steak Party at VIPS This Winter

VIPS Launches a "Together" Campaign That Will Guarantee You Happy Year-End and New-Year Parties
Let's All Have a Steak Party This Winter at CJ Foodville's VIPS!

- Seasonally limited premium steaks unveiled... Two new steaks, Gorgonzola Flambe Steak and My VIPS Steak
- Working in collaboration with renowned food stylist MAY… An unforgettable year-end party will be thrown for the one team finally selected

With the Christmas and New Year holiday season approaching, My No.1 Steak House VIPS ( will release steaks suited to the season as well as hold a party-throwing event in collaboration with a renowned food stylist so that customers can enjoy special year-end and New-Year parties.

VIPS announced on the 22nd that it will launch a campaign called "Together" on the 24th under the theme "This Moment is More Precious Now That We Are Together."

As its name implies, the Together campaign is designed to offer an opportunity for busy modern people to gather together and exchange warmth and affection, which you cannot easily feel through social media or your smartphone.

To that end, VIPS has released two Holiday Edition Steaks which will dignify your year-end and New Year gatherings. One is Gorgonzola Flambe Steak, whose rich gorgonzola cheese adds flavor to the steak, and the other is My VIPS Steak, which is grilled while being brushed with sweet and salty agave soy sauce.

Gorgonzola Flambe Steak is a seasonally limited premium steak ambitiously offered by leading steak brand VIPS. Gorgonzola Flambe Steak is a new steak menu offering topped with an abundance of gorgonzola cheese. Gorgonzola Flambe Steak riffs on the restaurant's Flambe Steak, which is cooked by pouring rum on a piece of steak and lighting it on fire to intensify the eater's optical and olfactory sensations. "Born-in Rib-eye," a rib-eye that has sirloin and tenderloin as well as bones intact, boasts a hefty size of 400g, big enough to feed two to three people.

Aside from this, in collaboration with renowned food stylist MAY, VIPS will also launch an event called "Together Party", which presents the winner with a party that they will never forget. At the "Together Party" event, one team is picked from among customers who want a special moment this winter, and the team is given a party personally planned and designed by MAY.

To enter the event, you just need to leave a comment telling your story in the Together Party event feed on the VIPS Facebook page ( by the 30th. One team (6 people or fewer) will be selected through a draw, and a special party will be thrown for them at a VIPS restaurant in December.

A VIPS official said, "This time requires moments to connect one heart with another, moments of being together, more than any other time. I hope that our customers spend the holidays with more warmth and affection through our Together campaign, which is meant to offer precious moments of being together."