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CJ's 2016 New Extended TV Commercial That Spans the Genres of Mystery, Romance, and Big Data Fantasy

The extended commercial has already attracted 3 million views! Those of us at CJ would like to express our gratitude for your support by presenting the Big Data episode of "When We Go There."

“The boyfriend wants to win the heart of his girlfriend, while the girlfriend does not know what he really thinks of her. Will he finally find out what she really wants?”

“The never-ending homework of Korean men”
What is the right answer to when your girlfriend states "I’m fine with anything"?
What present will perfectly suit your girlfriend's taste?
"When You Go There" has returned with enhanced smarts to give you the best answer!

What if you were offered a big data-based cheat sheet that tells you fail-proof menu selections and items at the place?
The very video that will resolve all Korean boyfriends' worries for good!
“When you go there, the mystery will be solved.”

When You Go There - Episode 3.

When You Go There - Episode 4.

"What are teenage girls' favorite items from A Twosome Place’s menu?"

Have you solved the riddle? If you haven't yet, you must be behind the times!
Pro lifestyle tips sourced by CJ’s big data
The following is a quick summary~~~!

Women's Favorite Drinks according to Age,
Based on A Twosome Place’s big data,
Teens: Ice Chocolate,
20-somethings: Strawberry Peach Frappe,
30-somethings: Citron Lemon Tea,
Coffee beverages excluded

Women's Favorite Items,
Based on O’live Young’s big data,
Eye makeup: Kate Sharp Lock Gel Pencil,
Skin care: 23 years old Badecasil,
Hair care: Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar,
Body care: Cottage Shower Gel Green Tea

Wondering who made all these products?
CJ, a company that always strives to make your life happier and smarter there