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Cho Yoon-Joo & Kim Kyung-Jin of CJ O Shopping


Real “Show Host” Stories of Cho Yoon-Joo & Kim Kyung-Jin of CJ O Shopping

Show hosts of CJ O Shopping are always filled with "positive energy". Sometimes, we wonder about their stories outside TV. How did they become show hosts? What do they look like as “natural persons” when they do not broadcast? What is their 'know-how' in always being able to create a lively and pleasant appearance?

So we decided to directly ask show hosts all of these questions. Here is a real story about CJ O Shopping show hosts, “Beauty Queen” Cho Yoon-Joo and “Delightful Flower Shop Bachelor” Kim Kyung-Jin!

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▲ “Queen of Beauty” Cho Yoon-Joo and “Flower Shop Bachelor” Kim Kyung-Jin who are show hosts

“Working itself relieves my stress and gives me the joy of living,” Cho said.

Cho Yoon-Joo, the show host of CJ O Shopping’s “Girl’s Beauty Show” and “Girl Who Recommends Beauty Care” has been working as a beauty show host for 15 years including this year. Cho’s “Open Mind” based on her clear voice and vigorous personality naturally led her to her career as a show host.

Since her childhood, Cho Yoon-Joo's specialty and hobby has been “beauty care” itself! “I would buy and use beauty products a lot, become disappointed about them and sometimes find good products.” This “Beauty Life” became the exclusive “killer contents” of Cho Yoon-Joo.

Cho said that she talks and behaves in the same manner when she talks to customers on TV as she does with her friends and family members in her real daily life. It is Cho Yoon-Joo who shares good things with more people, and is happy with a process itself where she and other people become healthy and beautiful together.

“What would you have done if you had not become a show host?” we asked.

“I would have done anything very seriously whatever it was,” Cho answered.

Kim Kyung-Jin has been a show host for eight year with CJ O Shopping’s “Travel over Flowers”, “Yoonanhee Show” and “Flower Shop Bachelor”. Kim, who covers various fields such as digital, insurance, health, and travel, gives an impression of a "smart friend" and a "smart colleague" who everyone wishes to have.

When we change our smartphones, buy new insurance policies, want to start a workout and plan for a summer vacation, we sometimes wish to have somebody who knows the latest trends, tips to buy smart and can compare products and services and advise us about them.

Kim is “that somebody” to customers. Kim has been very active and has never hesitated to ask questions when he wanted to know about something since his school days. His enthusiastic appearance on television is his honest and favorite appearance.

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▲ One thing in the world that only Cho can show

“It is hard, but I still feel anxious, and I want to communicate with my customers in my own style,” Cho said.

Cho has hosted TV shopping shows for 15 years, but Cho still calls herself "a beginner." On her social media site, there is a reminder that she is never gullible, is a good negotiator, sometimes begs and always remains charming. It's a confession about her job of being a “show host.”

On TV, Cho cannot hide her tears and laughter like usual. Cho says that she is still wet behind the ears about her job. When Cho notices her shortcomings and becomes humbled, Cho remembers what a senior show host once said to her.

To just give off an appearance that only Cho can show in the world and telling her own story. Even if she is not smooth or eloquent, she can still exhibit her original style.

▲ Kim, full of strong vitality, is dreaming of becoming a show host unlike the world has ever seen

I always dream of being a show host that has never been seen before via a style that no one ever tried.

Kim said that people who were unfamiliar to his style were sometimes shy or even a little awkward to him. “I know there are some people who say that I am overreacting after seeing me give off an enterprising spirit and an active attitude,” Kim said.

But Kim also knows that it all works when he shows his true colors and honesty tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, two days after tomorrow, a year later and two years later.

Kim thinks that “trust” and “communication” hold the key to the success of home shopping programs. “I want to become a show host who approaches customers’ hearts and conveys his or her trust to customers and “communicate” rather than "sell" goods. The host needs to be a kind of show host that has never been seen before.

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▲ Cho is a woman who is not afraid of showing her face without wearing any make-up and possesses beauty care know-how!

“I’m not afraid of showing my naked face. Rather, it is perfect for “a replacement,” Cho said.

Cho Yoon-Joo is a self-proclaimed "fearless woman with no make-up." Women are usually reluctant to show their naked faces. But Cho shows her naked face without any hesitation. Beauty care product broadcasting forces Cho to show her “before-after” appearances.

Because of this courageousness, Cho replaced other show hosts many times in broadcasting. It was sometimes difficult for Cho to show her face with no make-up and replace other show hosts. But it also fostered good relationships between some important people and her. Upon their reflection, "I felt that Cho was really different from what I had thought when I worked with her," Cho built strong relationships with directors, staff, and other show hosts.

Some of Cho’s friends advised her to “stick to your style,” when Cho brooded over her job performances. Others helped Cho when she faced some difficulties as if they were doing their own work. All of them were good friends and supporters for Cho.

▲ Kim’s know-how accumulated via traveling to 30 countries is one of Kim Kyung-Jin's assets

“I thought that someday this time would be a necessary foundation for me,” Kim said.

Kim said that there was a time when he could not work as a show host for a while. After being asked, “Are you busy these days?”, an assignment was given to Kim. It involved going abroad for a program. That sparked off his journeys and went on a trip whenever he could. Therefore, Kim has traveled to over 30 different countries.

Occasionally, Kim would feel like he had to host a TV program, not just go on a trip. But that time gave him a chance to make a comeback. Kim’s accumulation of travel contents made him a specialist in travel package broadcasting with rich experience and interesting stories. To top it off, Kim was able to launch a travel podcast program under his own name.

Show hosts have to sell whatever products they can under any circumstances. That is why every experience is a valuable asset to a show host. To Kim, “travel experience” was such a thing.

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▲ Cho Yoon-Joo, a warm person who strikes up conversations with TV viewers

“I think that a show host is a person who tells stories,” Cho said.

Cho says that broadcasting involves telling a story. Stories that viewers and show hosts share, stories jointly created by broadcasting staff and show hosts and stories that customers who watch programs and used products share with one another. All of these stories are connected to one another and create a flow of communication called “storytelling.”

When people share stories, sincerity is most needed to make the stories endure. When a person starts to cheat others or answer half-heartedly, the story cannot last.

Cho has been sincerely working as a warm person who wants to talk to you in the world of broadcasting amid a lot of competition and rumors over the past 15 years.

▲ “People” are Kim's most precious strength

“I was so happy because I could be a joy to my father who was sick,” Kim said.

Kim’s father struggled with an illness for a long time. While spending a lot of time in a nursing home, he never missed his son’s home shopping programs. Kim's passion and delightful laughs on TV were his father’s pride and joy.

Even though Kim could not always stay by his father, Kim wanted to show himself as a show host. When Kim’s father died after a long battle with the illness, Kim saw his colleagues come to pay respect to his father even though they were tired, following early morning broadcasting and after travelling a long way. The sight brought Kim to tears.

Kim’s job of working as a show host was a joy to and the pride of his family and provided Kim with reliable colleagues who stood by Kim during his most difficult and loneliest time.

▲ Two happy persons, CJ O Shopping show hosts Cho Yoon-Joo and Kim Kyung-Jin

Listening to the stories of Cho and Kim, we could sense that they were very happy people. This was because they said, “We still feel butterflies in our stomachs before starting our programs.”

The job of being show hosts excites Cho and Kim and encourages them to work better. Let’s give a big show of support to show hosts Cho and Kim who love their jobs and do their best with strong passion!