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CJ Group, Visiting Kimchi-Making Charity Campaign


CJ Group Demonstrates Love for Neighbors with Its "Visiting Kimchi-Making Charity Campaign"

CJ Group (Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun) staff and executives will personally visit local communities throughout Korea and express their love through kimchi-making charity activities.

180-Ton-Scale "Visiting Kimchi-Making Charity Campaign" Participated in by over 2,500 Employees and Executives from All Affiliates of CJ Group

For a period of three weeks starting on Nov. 21, over 2500 CJ Group employees and executives will visit around 130 study rooms as well as multicultural family support centers, social enterprises for the disabled, refugee institutions, and residents’ centers around Korea and conduct a charity campaign where they will share 180 tons of kimchi with local residents.

In addition to the aforementioned locations, the kimchi that will be made for this campaign will also be sent to over 2000 study rooms around Korea through the online donation platform "CJ Donors Camp" (http://donorscamp.org).

CJ Group has had held a "kimchi-making event involving staff and executives" every year since 2007 and changed its function to a "Visiting Kimchi-Making Charity Campaign." The change was made based on the belief that when compared to the previous way where staff and executives made kimchi on a large scale and delivered the kimchi via courier, the new way where people can mingle and communicate with each other from the kimchi-making stage and have a fun time together would be more conducive to spreading a culture of sharing.

In this "Visiting Kimchi-Making Charity Campaign," which will be participated in by over 2500 members from over 10 major affiliates of CJ Group including CEOs, staff and executives, the participants will visit study rooms near their workplaces in teams of 3 to 6 and make kimchi there. After making kimchi, the participants will provide direct help at the sites through activities such as cleaning equipment like refrigerators and preparing meals for children, and heart-felt communication is expected to be shared in the process.

For the purpose of supporting the weak and vulnerable classes in various areas, in addition to the 130 study rooms, CJ Group will also visit approximately 100 local community welfare facilities throughout Korea, including the Ansan Multicultural Families Support Center, social enterprises for the disabled, and refugee institutions such as Kyonam Dongsan, the Seoul Community Rehabilitation Center, and Yeomyung School.

On December 10, the last day of the kimchi-making charity campaign, as part of the K-Culture experience program "CJ Friends of K-Culture," roughly 100 people including the families of CJ staff and executives and foreign diplomats and their families living in Korea will come together and provide sharing culture experiences through kimchi-making and Korean traditional foods.

Based on the social contribution principles emphasized by Chairman Lee Jae-Hyun, including "sustainability" of social contribution activities, "business linkage," and "employee participation," CJ Group has been conducting kimchi-making charity activities every year at the group level since 2007. In fact, Chairman Lee Jae-Hyun himself participated in kimchi-making charity events every year when he was still active in management, encouraging employees to particpate in charity activities.

A CJ Group official said, "Centered on CJ Donors Camp which celebrates its 11th anniversary this year, CJ Group has been providing support for underprivileged children's education as well as conducting employee-led volunteering activities each year. We will make efforts to become a company that contributes to the spread of sharing culture by strengthening the DNA of the sharing principle in the organization, rather than holding charity events just for show."