CJ E&M's 2016 MAMA will present the innovative


CJ E&M's 2016 MAMA will present the innovative "Connection" stage in Hong Kong this December

2016 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards), Asia's best music awards and global music festival, will be held at the Asia World-Expo Arena (AWE) on December 2.

Following KCON, a K-Culture festival that was first held in Abu Dhabi in March, Japan in April, France and New York in June, plus LA in July, 2016 MAMA will make a grand finale of 2016 in Hong Kong in this upcoming December.

Another evolution under a new concept "Connection"!

2016 MAMA will make another evolution under a new concept of "Connection". Specifically, the festival is seeking for innovation as a place of communication that connects artists, global music fans and creators.

The main stage where the awards ceremony and show will be presented will be the icing on the cake by creating a new space connecting technology and emotion as well as virtual and reality.

The new logo released to the public on that day that represents dissolution and reunion and new connection also brings expectations of changes to 2016 MAMA. By systematically connecting all these elements, MAMA will forge a new history with its 2016 festival through the use of innovative stages.

The festival will also introduce a "Creators' Forum" this year to connect artists, creators and businesses and provide a place for information exchange and sound transactions.

Beyond simply expanding the Professional Category, which had received a favorable response last year, MAMA will introduce the Creators' Forum to share the visions and insights of producers, engineers and performance producers from various countries in Asia.

Continuously evolving into a global music awards festival, MAMA is expected to contribute to creating a healthy ecosystem of the music industry.

"MAMA is marking its eighth anniversary this year. By actively utilizing our knowhow and infrastructure that we have built so far, we are determined to prepare a fantastic stage that will truly surprise global fans," remarked Shin Hyung-Kwan, Music Contents Director of CJ E&M.

"By introducing new meaningful programs including the Creators' Forum, we will make 2016 MAMA as a festival where every professional in the music industry as well as artists can receive the spotlight. We look forward to your dedication and support," he added.

Marking its eighth year, MAMA is truly Asia's largest music festival, hosted by CJ E&M, the leading contents company.

Having first launched in 1999 as "Mnet Video Music Awards”, the festival had continuously evolved along with the growth of the Korean music industry over the past 10 years, and in 2009, it transformed into a global festival under a new name ‘MAMA’.

From 2010, MAMA went global, first in Macau, Singapore in 2011, and Hong Kong from 2012 to 2015, going beyond a run-of-the-mill music awards ceremony and solidifying its position as one of the best global music festivals, providing a place for global communication and promoting popular Asian music.