Innerb releases two


Innerb releases two "Attaching Innerb" products, supplying hydration and nutrients to the skin

CJ CheilJedang's Innerb, an inner beauty brand, released two new mask pack products that make the skin moisturized and healthy.

The "Attaching Innerb" duo, [Recovery Wrapping Mask] and [Recovery Hyalutox Patch] are a moisturizing sheet and patch respectively to supply hydration and nutrients to the skin.

Eat and apply! Innerb

Innerb Recovery Wrapping Mask is a moisturizing sheet, which softly wraps the entire face with the hyaluronic acid in the product and is able to store hydration 1,000 times more than its own weight, bringing elasticity to the skin and improving wrinkles.

Thanks to its 2-step special packaging, you can supply fresh nutrients into the skin as you pop open a container of vegetable oil such as evening primrose oil or camellia oil and mix it onto the moisturizing sheet just before use.

Innerb Recovery Hyalutox Patch is a patch you can apply to an area of concern, such as around the eyes. It uses an innovative transmission technology featuring 1,250 fine projections, enabling nutrients to penetrate deeply into the skin.

It is formulated with hyaluronic acid retaining hydration, three types of amino acids as a main moisturizing factor for stratum corneum and collagen, for intense nutrient supply, while its fine projections stimulating the skin ensure proper tension.

By releasing Innerb Wrapping Mask and Patch products, CJ CheilJedang has been able to establish two categories: "Edible Innerb" for inner care and "Attaching Innerb" for outer care, thereby expanding its brand portfolio.

The company aims to strengthen its brand awareness and increase its sales by suggesting "Innerb Total Skin Care Program" through this. The Innerb Total Skin Care Program is Innerb's unique program designed to help consumers easily take care of their skin at home.

It is a self-beauty care technique where the user can solidify the foundation inside the skin by taking a capsule and supply hydration and nutrients to the skin through a mask and patch, establishing a strong basis for skin hydration.

To celebrate the new releases, Innerb has also launched a limited edition package created in collaboration with photographer Shin Hye-Rim, which is limited to 10,000 units.

Under the concept "Turn back the clock of your skin to when you were a girl", the package consists of Wrapping Mask and Hyalutox Patch and a pictorial which Shin Hye-Rim photographed.

The recommended retail price of Innerb Recovery Wrapping Mask is 4,000 won, while Recovery Hyalutox Patch is 10,000 won, and the special package is priced at 13,000 won (at O’live Young). You can buy them at O’live Young, the famed beauty and health store, and certain online malls such as CJONmart.