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CJ CheilJedang's gourmet brand "Gourmet" is growing in the frozen food market

CJ CheilJedang's premium western food service brand "Gourmet" has reached sales of 20 billion won in only 10 months from its launch.

The brand Gourmet consists of a total of six products: fried chicken series (Gourmet Chicken Crispy, Gourmet Chicken Hot Spicy, and Gourmet Nugget), steak series (Gourmet Hamburg Steak, Gourmet Meatball) and snack series (Gourmet Hot Dog Crispy).

Enjoy the high quality at the level of restaurants at reasonable prices! - CJ CheilJedang's Gourmet

CJ CheilJedang first launched "Gourmet" brand by releasing two Gourmet Chicken products last December. Under the goal of bringing a special gourmet experience to consumers, the company has focused on studying global recipes and trends and realizing the taste and quality at the level of restaurants.

The Gourmet brand soon began to receive popularity after consumers realized that they could cook it simply with a microwave and enjoy a nice entrée befitting of restaurant quality, but for a reasonable price.

Gourmet Chicken, the first product of the Gourmet brand, surpassed cumulative sales of 12 billion won in only 10 months from its release. As its popularity helped it to attain sales of 900 million won in just the first month, Gourmet Chicken became a bestseller from March, exceeding monthly sales of one billion won.

Released in June, two Gourmet Steak products also showed signs of becoming a mega hit by registering sales of 1.5 billion won in the first month, and posted cumulative sales of 6.5 billion won for four months. Gourmet Hot Dog Crispy also hit the market, exceeding cumulative sales of 2 billion won within eight months.

With the strong sales results, the brand's position in the market has also changed. Based on the success of Gourmet Hot Dog Crispy, CJ CheilJedang finally reached first in market share with 35% last August in the frozen hot dog market, where it had previously languished at 3rd with the level of 10%.

In the western side dish market, the company recorded a market share of 26.9% last year but this year, the figure rose to 60% thanks to the positive sales results of this year’s release of Gourmet Steak (based on cumulative sales as of August). CJ CheilJedang assessed that the popularity of the Gourmet brand came primarily from the excellent taste and quality of the products that are at a level of restaurants.

Gourmet Chicken uses the same meat as many chicken franchisors use. It is made by frying unground leg and tender fillets. The products have been developed focused on "delectable fried chicken" by reflecting the fried chicken market trend that provides differentiated sauces and seasonings and diversified menu selections.

Gourmet Steak features a thick steak that provides a natural texture and rich flavor of juice. It also uses a differentiated technology where the interior and exterior part of a steak is made differently in order to realize a rich flavory juice and soft texture.

Using a grilling and fast-freezing method, the product features the taste and quality of a steak at the level of hamburger steak or hamburger restaurants.

Gourmet Hot Dog Crispy is a hand-made hot dog that realized a chewy texture by taking dough ripened at a low temperature for more than 24 hours and covering it with brown rice and potato powder. The maple syrup contained in the bread provides a sweet taste and the dough is made at an optimal ratio to harmonize the taste of the bread and sausage.

CJ CheilJedang aims to achieve sales of 30 billion won this year by strengthening its sales and marketing activities until the end of this year.

Heo Jun-Yeol, Meat Processing Freezing Part Manager of CJ CheilJedang, said, "With the growing popularity of products featuring reasonable prices, great taste and quality and convenience, our products that can be enjoyed easily at home have shown strong sales results. We will focus on developing new products and recipes of various tastes and forms, reflecting domestic and global food service trends."