Tous Les Jours' Bread Sharing Truck sets off!


Tous Les Jours' Freshly Baked Bread Sharing Truck sets off!
Tous Les Jours holds a "Freshly Baked Bread Sharing Truck" event.

In this season, full of those seeking to partake in fall excursions, Tous Les Jours holds Freshly Baked Bread events in outdoor places including Yeouido and Jamsil

- It also holds donation events to share a warm heart with children suffering from heart disease through freshly baked breads

In Mulbit Square in Yeouido and Lotte World Mall’s Arena Square in Jamsil, Tous Les Jours' appeared with its "Freshly Baked Bread Sharing Truck". "Freshly Baked Bread" refers to the more fresh and tasty baked goods that Tous Les Jours provides by baking bread at pre-defined hours under a renewed concept of a "Bakery Full of Freshness".

Tous Les Jours (, offering a different level of fresh baked goods, announced on October 19th that it has launched the "running oven truck", a Freshly Baked Bread Sharing Truck to facilitate customer experiences and hold sharing events.

The Freshly Baked Bread Sharing Truck is a special truck equipped with ovens and is intended to visit customers in order to provide "Freshly Baked Bread", which includes fresh and delicious baked goods right from the truck. Through the Freshly Baked Bread Sharing Truck, the bakery brand plans to promote how nice bakery products, freshly baked right from the oven, can be and hold donation events that engage its customers.

Tous Les Jours will showcase the truck at Mulbit Square in Yeouido on October 23rd and give away its iconic "Freshly Baked Bread" products such as "Cloud Pop", "Fresh Cream Bread" and "Freshly Baked Mini Plain Bread" to 1,000 customers on a first come, first served basis. If a customer who sampled the bread puts their donation ticket attached on the bread cup into the "Cloud Pop" box, 1,000 won per customer will be donated for children suffering from heart disease.

The Freshly Baked Bread Sharing Truck campaign will be held in front of Yonsei University’s Main Auditorium on the 26th and 27th of October and in Lotte World Mall’s Arena Square in Jamsil on the 29th and 30th.

Customers can also receive a Tous Les Jours bakery coupon simply by following the Tous Les Jours Instagram account and uploading a photo of the campaign site to their account with hashtags: #FreshlyBakedBreadTruck, #TousLesJours during the event.