N Seoul Tower's restaurant brands


Urban autumn outings at Namsan with wonderful flavors and ambiance
N Seoul Tower's restaurant brands such as nGRILL and HanCook introduce new menu features

- nGRILL's Michelin Star-winning Chef Duncan Robertson introduces 7 fusion French menu selections combining various spices with domestic food ingredients

- HanCook, The Place Dining and N Terrace release various autumn menu offerings for families, couples and friends

The restaurants in N Seoul Tower(, which was ranked first among the Top 10 Seoul Hallyu Attractions, have released new menu selections to captivate the tastes of customers who want to fully enjoy the autumn season.

Situated on the top level of N Seoul Tower on Mt. Namsan boasting of fantastic views, nGRILL will release seven new appetizers developed by Michelin Star-winning Chef Duncan Robertson on October 25th. The new menu selections feature the combining of various spices with Korean food ingredients, including saffron, coriander seeds and galangal, under the concept of "Spicy Route". The main menu is [Japanese Amberjack Crudo and Smoked Potato Cream, Red Shrimp and Bottarga], which includes cold smoked potato cream and Japanese amberjack, marinated with coriander seeds for six hours, topped with red shrimp and bottarga.

HanCook, a restaurant where Korean traditional tastes and modern styles co-exist, released a new menu offering of [Abalone Ttukbaegi], which is an ideal dish for the chilly autumn weather. The dish features a spicy and refreshing taste created by various seafood, including domestic abalone, red crab and scallops.

The Italian restaurant The Place Dining launched [Sweet Pumpkin Pizza] featuring sweet pumpkin topped with tasty Gouda cheese, and another famed restaurant, N Burger, released a [Ham & Cheese Croissant Sandwich] which is good for outdoor dining.

Food O Clock launched its [Mozzarella Cheese Pork Cutlet], which is a pork cutlet topped with tasty mozzarella cheese, and [Deep-fried Veggie Udon] including fried whole veggies.

N Terrace particularly attracted foreign tourists with its new snack menu offering such as [Spicy Tteokbokki], [Hot Fish Cake Soup], [Seed Sweet and Sour Chicken] and [Snow Flower Cheese Roasted Sweet Potatoes]

An official of N Seoul Tower remarked, "The new menu selections help us showcase our diversity ranging from the premium dishes developed by our Michelin star-winning chef to affordable, tasty snacks. We hope local and foreign tourists who visit N Seoul Tower, the landmark of Seoul, can enjoy the flavors and ambiance of this ripening autumn season."