Everything about car lifestyles! XTM MAXIMITE


Everything about car lifestyles! Korea's first car festival - XTM MAXIMITE

On a fine Saturday in the early afternoon, a crowd has gathered in front of a factory in Yeongdeungpo. You might be wondering, "factory?". In fact, this factory is the venue for XTM MAXIMITE, the first car & garage festival in Korea.

As the nation's first large-scale car festival, XTM MAXIMITE received strong interest from car enthusiasts even before it was held. Now let's take a look at this venue where you can enjoy everything about car lifestyles!

The transformation of a factory in downtown Seoul! All car lovers, come out and play!

▲ One good tip to fully enjoy the festival: The event leaflet is a must-have item!

When I was wandering past many factories and began to doubt whether I was headed in the right direction, a long line of people came within sight. I heard that they had been waiting in line since way before 1 pm, the time when the gate first opened.

Visitors of all walks of life gathered for this show that has a reputation for putting on a variety of events, ranging from car auctions to artist performances. I soon began to realize that I was about to see MAXIMITE and became excited when I saw the looks on the faces of the visitors who were waiting in line.

As soon as I entered the venue, I found the Hard Rock Cafe booth from which a delectable smell was already being emitted. There were not many people in the venue yet as the gate just opened but I had no doubt that the place will soon be packed with people! Suppressing my desire to order food, I decided to browse around the festival venue.

▲ Zero Auction: Seize a golden opportunity!

The first place I visited after defying the delicious temptation was the Zero Auction corner. Zero Auction is the highlight of this festival where you can experience a free chance to win a BMW 118d!

You can apply by choosing a four-digit number, and if your number matches with the winning number drawn in the evening event, you will be the lucky owner of the free car! You certainly should not miss out on such a wonderful chance! Naturally, I instinctively applied for the event after coming up with a random number in my head.

The sheer grandeur of the nation's first car festival!

Next, I headed off to the MAXIMITE GARAGE. The place almost felt as if it was a giant magnet that was pulling in car enthusiasts.

BMW Motorrad definitely has a knack for causing the jaws of onlookers to drop! For you to feel free to test a motorcycle (?)... an event to take a picture with a bike and upload it on social media was underway. It was a great time for all: getting a once-in-a-lifetime photo with BMW Motorrad and posting the evidence on the net.

Located next to it was the Bullsoneshot booth, the Lucky Machine event was being held, giving you a chance to win free Bullsoneshot products. What better is a festival that lets you walk away from the event with your arms full of gifts! A ton of people were all gathered to join the event.

▲ Reveal your identity!

The Giant Mirror Ball I faced as soon as I stepped out of the MAXIMITE garage. What is it for? I will reveal its glittering identity later!

Something for everyone! A street full of fun!

Next, the AMUSE PARK! The child inside me woke up and I ran off to go play in this park! The colorful graffiti at the entrance was already capturing my eyes. What is waiting for us here?

▲ The exciting Disco Bumper Car ride

▲ The DJ Car full of uplifting music!

My heart was pounding away in tune to the exciting beat of music under the dazzling lights. Is this what heaven looks like? This fantastic setting felt as if we were in a real amusement park!

The 4D racing game was a hot item thanks to all the auto buffs who were flocking to this venue. Unfortunately, the CJ Creative Journal team was not able try it out because the line-up for it was too long.

Many "kidults" found themselves totally immersed in many other games, including darts, table football and punching games.

▲ The LIFE STYLE GARAGE that presented various events

After enjoying the games, I went off to another world of games - "LIFE STYLE GARAGE". I continued to move from one place to another so as to not miss out on any of the many events. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I was even able to take some time out to use a makeup booth there to touch up my makeup!

The festival has everything! Next up? Play basketball!

When I left the booth, I found a "slam dunk" corner. It was the booth for XTM's show "Rebound" which will premiere at the end of October. "Rebound" is the nation's first street basketball survival show with prize money of 100 million won. Awesome!

While watching a free throw event, to my surprise, I heard that the main event of the booth will be held at 3 pm! I decided to wait and see the main event because I heard that some professional basketball players will appear in the event.

Do you know who I happened to see while waiting for the main event? Oh Seung-Ah from girl group Rainbow and DJ Soda! They were filming a program with bright smiles on their faces but they soon came to look serious when looking off in a certain direction.

What they were looking at was the thrilling Jelly Bag Jump corner. Out of curiosity, Oh Seung-Ah and DJ Soda also went up to the top but they eventually chickened out in the end.

Then, the main event of "Rebound" began with the appearance of two famed basketball brothers: Lee Seung-Joon and Lee Dong-Joon. The basketball game with the two excited me although I had little knowledge about basketball. Oh Seung-Ah and DJ Soda also joined the event. To my surprise, Oh sunk a basket every time she got the ball. Her play definitely helped to electrify the audience!

The heart-pounding auction time! Having a great time while watching all the nice tuned cars

Time flew by so fast while I was watching the basketball game. I had to rush to the main stage! From 4 pm, the tuned car auction will be held there. As all the events were so intricately organized, I had to really move quick to see each one.

Starting off with the Mini Cooper S, a.k.a. "Girl Crush Car", the auction finally began. The competition was intense. Everyone was looking for a chance to buy an excellent tuned car for a deeply discounted price!

All four cars in the auction were in prime condition and the tuning considered not only style but also safety. Best of all, the prices started from 50% of the market price, and as a result, car enthusiasts began to engage in a silent bidding war. Which four lucky ones will be able to drive away the tuned Mini Cooper, Sorento, Genesis Coupe or BMW 320d?

The food corner, where all the fun is really at!

▲ The crowded Hard Rock Cafe booth

▲ The collaboration of MAXIMITE and Bugatti Bar for lively moments with nice cocktails

I felt hungry after trekking around the venue since 1 pm when I first entered MAXIMITE. After the auction came to a close, I visited the Food Truck corner. When I saw various food trucks lined up on one side of the factory, my hunger started to kick in.

▲ A bowl of rice topped with steak never fails to look appetizing!

It was almost evening and all the trucks were crowded with hungry visitors. I was pleased to see that the trucks served a wide range of menu selections, ranging from light meals such as pizza, dumplings and chicken skewers to bigger entrees. Captivated by the good smell, I chose the Steak and Rice Bowl! My stomach certainly didn’t feel disappointed!

The glittering mirror ball! The onset of the main party

While enjoying the "delicious" side of the event, it quickly became dark and people began to gather around the brightly lit stage. Starting with the amazing freestyle bicycle performance by BMX riders, the mirror ball party was underway.

Now you know the answer. The mirror ball that had stood by its lonesome during the day was waiting for this moment! With the wonderful mirror ball in place, the fantastic performances by popular artists began.

The audience enjoyed the non-stop performances by various artists, including Rhythm Power, Haha & Skull and Zion.T, and finally, the time that everyone had longed for was about to begin. The whole audience started chanting a countdown!

This is the highlight of XTM's MAXIMITE! That’s right, it's time for the Zero Auction to win the free BMW 118d. I looked at the number I chose when I arrived at the festival and then looked at the car on the stage. Suddenly, I had a sense of confidence that my number would be called! "Where should I drive to first?", I thought to myself as I let my confidence take over my imagination.

But only one winner! If there are multiple winners, an extra event will be held to find the last man standing. Fortunately, there was only one person who chose the number "1221". Pouting and applauding simultaneously, the audience looked at the winner with envy.

After the auction event, Epic High and DJ Soda performed. It was a long festival that had started in the early afternoon but after having all that fun, I still felt excited but never too tired.

XTM MAXIMITE ended in great success. The time flew by because the nation's first car festival was so put together so well. The festival really satisfied both car enthusiasts and festival buffs! I already find myself wondering what cars I will be able to see at the next XTM MAXIMITE.