CJ Medicine Manufacturing Business Headquarters’ Anti-Cancer Medicine ‘RYU Coc


On the 9th, CJ Medicine Manufacturing Business Headquarters made an export contract with the British company ‘Genemedix’ on the Anti-Cancer Medicine ‘RYU Cocaine’ (G-CSF).

Thus, CJ is being valued as to have built the foundations for its biopharmaceuticals to march into the EU market.

RYU Cocaine is a neutrophil leukopenia cure for chemical-treatment-receiving-patients suffering from hypertension and leukemia. It is being sold in 13th nations that include Korea and countries in South America, among others.

Through this contract, Genemedix will earn the exclusive right to develop, manufacture, and sell the ‘G-CSF’ in EU, the United States, and Canada. First of all, they will develop a matter that requires biogeneric approval in EU, with the United States and Canada to follow the identical process, according to CJ.