VIPS releases new seasonal menu items


Welcoming autumn with Coloring VIPS!
VIPS releases new seasonal menu items... Coloring VIPS!

- Natural colors of ingredients: beets (pink), pineapples (yellow) and green apples (green)… Impressive visuals
- Diverse array of menu offerings from chicken to BBQ, pasta and cake. Enjoy a salad bar with more menu selections.

My No.1 Steak House VIPS announced on October 6th that it has renewed its menu under the theme "Coloring VIPS" with the release of new menu offerings.

The new menu of VIPS in the fall season features strong visuals that build on the natural colors of ingredients such as pink from beets, yellow from pineapples and green from green apples. The salad bar menu is also richer with an expanded variety of items including chicken, BBQ, pasta and cake.

The main menu selections include "Red Spicy Chicken Noodles" which consists of chicken and fried noodles in a spicy sauce, "Black BBQ Pork" boasting of a tender yet chewy texture, and "Pink Beet Pasta" featuring a pink sauce made by mixing red beets and cream sauce.

The dessert menu has also had some changes to reflect the recent popularity of desserts in the food service industry. Three new dessert items will be debuted: "Yellow Caramel Pineapple", which is composed of roasted pineapples topped with a sweet caramel sauce, "Blue Velvet Cake" featuring a clear blue color, and "Green Bubble Punch", which is cool and refreshing.

Celebrating the new releases, VIPS will hold the event "Coloring Duo, Challenge! #VIPStagram" from October 7 to 31. The Coloring Duo is a combination of two different menu selections you can create depending on your taste.

All you have to do is combine two different menu items that you feel work in best harmony in terms of color and taste into a single dish and take a picture of it and post it on your Instagram with hashtags #VIPStagram and #ColoringVIPS. If you show this uploaded picture to an employee at VIPS, you will be served with complimentary ade or draft beer. After the event period comes to an end, a raffle will be performed to give away a year-round salad bar coupon to a total of ten customers.

"You will truly be able to feel the changing of the season with these new menu releases reflecting the colorfully tinted autumn," said VIPS.

From October 20 to November 16, you can also try two special Halloween menu selections. As Halloween is a celebration observed at the end of October featuring ghoulish costumes and iconic Halloween pumpkins, two appropriately themed VIPS Halloween menu offerings have been concocted: "Yellow Caramel Pumpkin Mousse", which features sweet pumpkin and marshmallows topped with a caramel sauce and "Black Soft Ice Cream" featuring the deep taste of dark chocolate.