CJ Airtown presents an event for customers


CJ Airtown presents an event for customers, celebrating its winning of a FAB award

- In celebration of its award that it won at FAB 2016 in the category of F&B Marketing & Promotions Campaign, CJ Airtown is giving out a 3-food gift set to 6,000 customers on a first come, first served basis

CJ Airtown, an F&B facility at Incheon International Airport, which is run by CJ Foodville (CEO Jung Moon-Mok), a global food service & culture company, is holding a customer appreciation event to celebrate its winning of a best award at 2016 FAB (Airport F&B Awards).

FAB is an authoritative food & beverage conference and awards venue where airports from all over the world compete, and CJ Airtown was ranked first at the awards in the category of F&B Marketing and Promotions Campaign, edging out London Heathrow Airport and Chicago O'Hare Airport.

The event, which started today and will last until October 5, involves all of the twelve CJ Airtown stores in Incheon International Airport, including A Twosome Place, bibigo, Season's Table and Tous Les Jours. During the event, the company will present a 3-food gift set consisting of Beksul Cookit, Maxbong and hand-made jam to 6,000 customers who buy at least 10,000 won worth of products on a first come, first served basis.

"We decided to hold this event to thank our customers who supported and encouraged CJ Airtown to become a globally recognized brand," said CJ Foodville. "At Incheon International Airport, a gateway to the world, we will continuously strive to promote Korean food culture to the world."