tvN's [Go Go with Mr. Paik] is premiering


tvN's [Go Go with Mr. Paik] is premiering tonight! Three things to know to fully enjoy the show!

Tonight (Fri., Sept. 23,) at 9:15, Uncle Paik's global cooktopia show, tvN’s [Go Go with Mr. Paik>, directed by Baek Seung-Ryong, will finally reveal itself!

Jointly produced by tvN and tvN Asia, [Go Go with Mr. Paik] is a food show that involves traveling throughout Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, and introducing global recipes using local ingredients. The production team of the show pointed out three things you should know to enjoy the show to the fullest.

From Home-made Food Master to Food Diplomat - Paik's global recipe feast

▲ It’s healing time! Let’s eat, sleep and eat again!

Paik Jong-Won was the hero of tvN's food show [Mr. Paik, The Homemade Food Master] who created a home-made food boom with his practical recipes that everyone can easily follow at home. In this new show, he has become a "food diplomat" and will introduce a variety of unfamiliar but familiar recipes in Malaysia by exerting his knowledge and skills.

He will present a feast of simple but quality dishes using local ingredients, including geotjeori (fresh vegetable salad dressed with garlic and chili powder), papaya salad inspired by shredded daikon, and fried baby octopus. The mouth-watering dishes in the show are expected to truly wow the audience.

"The show will introduce global recipes that our viewers can try when they travel abroad or at home, and we expect a great deal of support from our viewers," said producer Baek Seung-Ryong, expecting another Paik Jong-Won fever to spread across the nation.

Starring master food idols: Onew and Jung Chae-Yeon! Expected to complete a true food show!

▲ The trailer of the episode 9 of [Go Go with Mr. Paik]: This time, it’s chicken !

Onew from SHINee and Jung Chae-Yeon from DIA also joined the show and viewers are expecting to see the chemistry they will create with Paik. They will help embody the life of the show while helping Paik by shopping for ingredients in local markets and trimming ingredients.

In particular, when they taste the dishes created by Paik, they are likely to lose their composure as an idol star for a moment and show what it is really like to taste delicious foods to the fullest, captivating both the eyes and appetites of viewers.

The dishes by Paik and the genuine food show by Onew and Jung will attack the taste buds of viewers without mercy.

▲ Onew and Jung say they gained 2kg after meeting Uncle Paik

Producer Baek said, "The show will present dream-like "eating-sleeping-eating" days that everyone dreams of amid the beautiful scenery of Kudat, Malaysia and the feast of Paik's dishes containing the taste of local food."

"It's like living in a fairy tale. I hope this show will present a satisfactory time for healing among viewers who have become exhausted by their busy modern life."

Starting on September 23 (Fri), tvN's [Go Go with Mr Paik] will be aired every Friday night at 9:15. The show will be aired in nine Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as Australia.

※Note: In 9 Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand, the show will be aired every Friday night at 9:45 (Hong Kong time).